The deputies of the Orenburg deprived of the powers arrested for corruption of the mayor

© Photo : MO G. Orenburgskaja the city of Orenburg Eugene Arapov know. Archive photoThe deputies of the Orenburg deprived of the powers arrested for corruption of the mayor© Photo : MO Orenburg

Members of the city Council of Orenburg on Monday deprived of the powers of mayor Yevgeny Arapov, who was arrested for multiple counts of receiving a bribe in a large size, have informed in a press-service of the Governor of the Orenburg region.

In mid-August, Arapov was arrested for receiving bribes and arrested for two months, noted the result. According to investigators, the mayor, Deputy Borisov received from the CEO of a commercial organization the money for the shelter in the sphere of construction and sale of real estate in Orenburg: 400 thousand rubles owed Arapov, and 200 thousand — Borisov. In addition, the investigators found in a safe workplace Arapova 4.2 million rubles, the consequence establishes their origin. Borisov was released from custody under house arrest. During the investigation of the case against Arapova, the investigators revealed a new fact of corruption — he received from the construction organizations an apartment worth over 3 million rubles for the overall protection, noted SK.

On Monday, an extraordinary meeting of the city Council of Orenburg, where was considered the issue of deprivation of office Arapova.

«The deputies adopted the decision on removal in resignation of Yevgeny Arapov. Reason — violation of the requirements of the law «On combating corruption». Information about the violation of the law to the regional government gave the investigative Committee, and the Governor appealed to the municipal deputies», — said the Agency representative of the Orenburg city Council.

Arapov held a post of the mayor of Orenburg from October 30, 2015. After his arrest, acting head of the city takes his Deputy Sergey Nikolaev.