The term «in the spirit of Tarkovsky» was in the Oxford dictionary

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Makeupdate in photobacteria Andrei Tarkovsky. Archival photoThe term «in the spirit of Tarkovsky» was in the Oxford dictionary© RIA Novosti / Alexander Makeovered the image Bank

The Oxford dictionary of the English language in the course of the next replenishment of the publication added more than a hundred of words and expressions related to cinema.

Blog lexicographers it is noted that the largest and most obvious group is included in the dictionary of words made up of neologisms derived from the names of the filmmakers, became famous because of the well-recognizable style of his films.

Thus, the term Tarkovskian («in the spirit of Tarkovsky») owes its origin to the analysis of existential experiences and high visual culture, typical of movies that are filmed Soviet Director Andrei Tarkovsky. The word Keatonesque («the movement») in front refers to the imperturbable face, which star of silent comedies, Buster Keaton was retained in most comic situations.

Honored to be included in the dictionary were awarded to two of our contemporaries: the filmmakers David Lynch (Lynchian) and Quentin Tarantino (Tarantinoesque).

In addition, an expanded dictionary got expressions related to the genre features of cinema. For example, the term Giallo («Jalla»), indicating a Thriller with a characteristic stylistic features, usually filmed in Italy. The actress who often starred in horror films, readers of the lexicon will be able to find in the dictionary entry of the scream queen («Queen Creek»).