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In Paris arrested four people during protests – Russia news today

In Paris arrested four people during protests

© SputnikПострадавший during a demonstration against the social policy of the Macron in Paris. October 9, 2018In Paris arrested four people during protests© Sputnik

Four people arrested during a protest in Paris, reports channel BFMTV.

Around 14.00 (15.00 GMT) began the procession from the Boulevard Montparnasse in Paris. Outside calls the largest trade unions were students, pensioners, railroad men, physicians, social workers, postmen, teachers, and representatives of other professions. They are dissatisfied with the country’s social policy.

During the protest, clashes broke out between hooligans, dressed in black, and the police, who used tear gas to disperse the hooligans.

As the correspondent of RIA Novosti from the scene, in clashes with police, several people were injured. At least two people, one of whom was wounded in the head, took the car doctors.

At the moment the column of participants gradually reach the final destination — the square in Italy. People differ in the café and down in the subway, however, numerous members of the police special forces are still on the square.

According to the TV station, according to the French trade Union CGT, the event was attended by 50 thousand people. Prefecture of police cite more modest figures of the Paris demonstrations — 11.5 thousand participants.

Major protests in France, took place in other cities of France.