In Paris, police used tear gas against the protesters

© SputnikМанифестации against the social policy of the Macron in Paris. October 9, 2018In Paris, police used tear gas against the protesters© Sputnik

The police used tear gas to disperse the hooligans in the course of a demonstration in Paris, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

Foot procession of peaceful demonstrators moved along the Boulevard RASPAIL, when at the very beginning of the column in minutes had the bullies in black clothing, hoods and respirators. A few people are hooting lunged forward, and then in the air above the Boulevard hung, corrosive gas.

From him who were the street people — both protesters and passers — began to sneeze and cough, from eyes shed tears.

Catching his breath, the bullies continued, smashing on the way stop.

Ahead on a course of movement of the column of bullies was expecting riot police in full uniform, and surrounded the troublemakers.

A large rally of opponents of the state social policy — the first in France after summer began on Tuesday in Paris at the call of some of the largest unions in the country. It is expected that the March will take place on the boulevards, and then complete the square in Italy. Length of the planned route is approximately 3.2 kilometres.

To participate in the campaign people are urged representatives of major trade unions — CGT, FO, Solidaires and others. On the streets, students, pensioners, railroad men, physicians, social workers, postmen, teachers, and representatives of other professions.

The dissatisfaction of the demonstrators raise their salaries and pensions, which, according to the joint statement of the organizers, are stagnating, while the dividends received by the shareholders of the companies only increase.

People are demanding increase in pay, which should provide purchasing power. They also advocate for specific measures to establish gender equality between workers and ensuring equal access to education for all.