Israeli politician called the death of the Il-20 test for relations with Russia

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Tarasenkova in fotosensibile Il-20. Archival photoIsraeli politician called the death of the Il-20 test for relations with Russia© RIA Novosti / Alexander Tarasenkova the image Bank

The deaths in Syria reconnaissance aircraft FSI Russian Il-20 became a test of the strength of relations between Russia and Israel, which country will be able to withstand, told reporters the co-chair of the bilateral intergovernmental Commission, Israeli Minister ze’ev Elkin.

He made it clear that the tragic incident, the responsibility for which Moscow blamed the Israelis did not affect the preparation and the work of the IASC, which met on Tuesday at its annual meeting in Jerusalem to discuss the main directions of trade-economic cooperation.

«No. Rather, it obliges us to do everything that depends on us to show up in reality to realize that relations between our countries are very strong, and both sides are interested to develop them,» said Elkin, responding to a question.

«In this kind of exams when there are all sorts of misunderstandings that test the strength of relationships, tests the sincerity and openness of dialogue between the leaders of both countries. I am sure that Israel and Russia will stand this test for the strength of our relations,» he added.

Elkin was accompanied by Russian co-chair of the Commission, Deputy Prime Minister Maxim Akimov on Tuesday, during a meeting with Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu, who again expressed his condolences in connection with death of 15 soldiers on Board the Il-20.

Russian Il-20, which was 35 kilometers from the Mediterranean coast, was hit on September 17 when returning to the base Hamim. At the same time, four Israeli F-16 fighter attacked the Syrian objects in Latakia. Thus, according to the defense Ministry, Israel informed the Russian side about this air strike only a minute before he started typing misled about the strike area and not revealing the whereabouts of the F-16 fighter jets. As stated in the defense Ministry under the guise of Russian aircraft, the Israeli pilots set him up to strike Syrian air defense, the Il-20 was shot down by a rocket complex With-200 in 22.03. Killed 15 Russian soldiers.

Israeli politician called the death of the Il-20 test for relations with Russia© RIA Novosti, Integratiebeleid in photobacteria aircraft Il-20 of Russian air force in Syria