Made a real hunt». In Kabardino-Balkaria stole assembled for the child’s treatment million

© photo from the personal archive of Alena Nicevoicelady Nechaev from Kabardino-Balkaria, which required surgeryMade a real hunt». In Kabardino-Balkaria stole assembled for the child’s treatment million© photo from personal archive of Alena Nochevoy

The astemir Nechaev from Kabardino-Balkaria was born with Crouzon syndrome is a rare genetic disease, when fused bones of the skull. The boy’s mother collected money for expensive treatment. The pleas for help were responded to by the volunteer, who promised to save the Astemir. The family trusted her, however, when a new friend has collected more than a million rubles, she cashed out and disappeared. The girl, however, quickly found. Now the police checks on the fact of fraud, the volunteer not guilty, and the boy’s relatives are afraid that the second time to collect such a large amount just do not have time.

Believe without a passport

The astemir in November will be a year. A disease he inherited from his father. In addition to Crouzon syndrome, in children, and dropsy of the brain, as well as several other severe diagnoses. So the delay in operation is impossible, at any time he could lose his hearing or vision. Mom Alena Nechaeva tells RIA Novosti that the Republican surgeons refused to take up the Astemir — too great a risk.

«You need to go to Moscow or abroad, and it requires money. Operations have, in addition, even travel, meals, stay in medical centers, expensive drugs, tests, examinations, dressings after surgery. It all costs a lot of money, which, unfortunately, we do not have», — says the details of Alena.

About the trouble the family wrote in social networks. Alena began to contact different people, the most active was a Marianne. The girl called herself a volunteer with the Foundation, specializing in the care of such children as astemir. According to Alena that this volunteer work did not face, the girl made quite an impression on her — on the phone spoke confidently, immediately insisted on meeting. Marianne assured that have already saved many say, with her help, the people repeatedly went to Germany and there cured.

«She met me, checked all the documents. Suspicions did not cause. Moreover, once imbued our troubles, even cried like a close friend. Marianne never stopped saying, she quickly collected the necessary sum — more than a million, and then my son will fly for treatment in Israel. Like, two weeks will pass — and we will be back completely healthy, all will be well. I believed in the word,» continues the boy’s mother.

Lull Alena and actions of the volunteer. The girl on his own initiative came to the hospital the boy went to the doctors, actively engaged in some negotiations with the medical centers, even showed Alena correspondence with specific institutions. But my passport not shown, constantly made excuses, for example, have forgotten at home or left at work, said Nachaev.

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«Drinking coffee, eating at our expense»

After a few days Marianne told the mother of Astemir to have credit card where will the money come from. Before that, she photographed Allen for social networks with documents in hand. «I am ashamed to admit: started in the toilet and there near the booths took pictures. When I received the card, she issued passwords, mobile banking, and said that I did not go there: that all settings will fly, and these fees are tracked by Fund, if I go, will be a court case. I believed her and got scared and promised not to go. Also gave her the username and password of my page in social networks», — restores the chronology of events Nechaeva.

From the page Alena Marianne turned to the bloggers of the Republic, in addition to money, she asked for census information about Astemir. Of course, by such troubles people did not pass. As a result, for a very short period of volunteer collected a really impressive sum of almost 1.4 million rubles.

Nachaev says that the flight to Israel was scheduled for August 24, but Marianne has disappeared. Then he showed up and explained that her own child had serious health problems. The family was waiting. A second attempt to leave was appointed on September 10. But Marianne was not, and then Alain decided to raise the history of monetary transactions, see how much we collected money.


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«Marianne took money from the card almost immediately — I was told that supposedly removes them to account. The remittances were small, but the total amount of 903 thousand some Guchinova Mulet. The volunteer explained that it was, say, her best friend, who works in a Bank. The rest of the money left on the coffee purchase in the store, even on some services. Starred cash,» explains Nechaeva.


Alena turned to blogger, which has collected the lion’s share of the funds: confused girl did not know and called the police. In the end it turned out that no friend of Bank does not exist. Mulit Guchinova — real name Marianne: the money she translated herself. Children’s funds, says the boy’s mother, she never worked, she was not know.


History has thundered all over the country. People, listing options, has asked lawyers to look into the matter to find volunteers and money. However Muljat not even hidden: it’s in my opinion.

The lawyer of Guchinova Madina Kipawa told RIA Novosti that her client really saw in social networks a message about collecting money Alena and I agreed to help. But, according to Mulet, they collected money together. And no one but grandmother did not want any treatment for the child. However, the young mother still organized the collection of funds, and Mulit not only helped found the clinic, but and hid the money sent at the request of Alena from her family, says lawyer.

It clarifies Kipawa, among girls there was an agreement: funds received on the card Nochevoy, she knew about all the receipts, I saw TEXT messages that Mulit banked the money and hid at. She didn’t bother. The lawyer adds that Muliac have never taken the map.

«What happened, how the family learned that fundraising and the amount accumulated is significant, we also unknown. Only after it came up, Alena began to disown and say that everything Mulet. However, there is no cure the child of her husband and family were not interested in the police, they just wanted to return the money» — gives his version Kipawa.

According to the lawyer, Mulit kept bred 903 thousand and immediately turned them over to police. Now the money from the investigator. In addition, Guchinova, says the interviewee, was subjected to harassment on the Internet: bloggers who helped to collect for the treatment of Astemir, opened her personal data on their pages and was accused of fraud.

Meanwhile, in the comments under posts about collecting money in social networks there are other people from Kabardino-Balkaria, who learned Mulet. Some report that in the past had experienced similar «divorce».

«However, we must understand that while the court’s decision was not, yet the fact that it does excite. All this slander,» — said Madina Kipawa.

The investigation checks. RIA Novisti tried to contact the detective that is in charge of the case, but he didn’t pick up. Lawyer Alena Nochevoy Temirlan Gilow explained to RIA Novosti that the returned money to my mother will not give up, at least until a trial. At the same time, adds Gilow, if the investigator decides to recognize all the victims of «sponsors», it will be delayed for a long time.

«We also know that Mulet now deals with the fact that sending letters via the media, which says she’s innocent, and threatens to court», — says the lawyer.

The second round

At the moment Alena and astemir are on the examination in Moscow. The doctors warned the mother: all the operations that will save the boy’s life, you can make a maximum of one year. Nechaeva crying — just over a month, and in the second round to collect this amount, they will not.

Moreover, it was found that in any Israel they don’t want or need. This operation can be done in Moscow for free. Significant funds are needed for recovery. But the money is now there.