Medvedev called main tasks of the government

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Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev called main tasks of the government — timely neutralization of risks, the implementation of structural and institutional reforms for enterprise, forming the basis for improving human well-being.

«The essence of the work of the government at present is to use the positive potential and neutralize the risks in a timely manner. On the agenda is the implementation of structural and institutional reforms, in order to fully implement the business initiative, to remove unnecessary restrictions on the labour markets and capital, to ensure the growth of productivity. And most importantly — to form a solid Foundation for improving human well-being. Our objectives are to provide the sustainable prosperity and competitiveness — as each person, each family and the whole society and the state», — the Prime Minister writes in his article «Russia-2024: a Strategy for socio-economic development» in the journal «Questions of Economics».

«Priority areas of structural reforms at the present time are almost identical for the leading countries: development of human capital, especially education and health, infrastructure, improvement of state administration», — he said.

Medvedev also drew attention to the importance of implementation of national projects. «A special place is occupied by national projects related to the strengthening of the competitiveness of the economy. These areas — productivity and support employment, science, digital economy, small and medium enterprises and support of individual business initiative and international cooperation and exports should accelerate technological development, help create high-performance, export-oriented sector, the introduction of digital technology in the economy and the social sphere (certainly, as well as national projects in education and health),» — says Medvedev.

According to him, the national projects should reinforce each other in achieving national goals for the natural population growth, increased life expectancy, sustained growth of real incomes, reducing poverty and improving living conditions.

«They must not only create conditions for self-realization and disclosure of the talent of each person, but to generate from the market and the state institutional environment, rewarding professional and high — tech work», — said the Prime Minister.

«Infrastructure development is a strategic priority, because this increases the connectivity of the Russian regions and combined markets. The expansion of the geographical boundaries of markets and reduction of logistic costs lead to new effective ways of providing services of education, health and culture,» adds Medvedev.