Putin called the amount of state support of manufacturers of agricultural machinery

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Program to subsidize the production of agricultural machinery needs to be continued at least for five years, said Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. In turn, President Vladimir Putin noted that the program requires about 8 billion roubles per year, and the question of financing need to be worked out with the Ministry of Finance.

Medvedev in the course of communication with the workers of the agricultural enterprise «Rassvet», which was also attended by both Putin said that the Russian government has allocated «very good money» — a total of about 35 billion rubles over the past five years to subsidize the production of agricultural machinery. «But we still need, Mr President, maybe even five years, at least, to subsidize the production of agricultural machinery in order to restore depleted agricultural equipment Park, including for crop production and for gardening. That is another five years to this program to continue» — appealed to Putin the Prime Minister.

The President noted that, according to expert estimates, taking into account what has been done, «former volume is not necessary, but you need somewhere to 8 billion a year.» «The Ministry certainly knows about it, too, need to work with the Ministry of Finance, to put the President (the government — ed.). I think Dmitry Anatolyevich will support», — said Putin.

Putin and Medvedev also asked to support the emergence of domestic small farm machinery. Asked to contribute to the emergence of domestic garden machinery, Putin said: «This is really all I want: to you and to us. It all depends on the market. We are currently… allocated enough to subsidize the production of agricultural machinery. So over the past few years, the domestic production of agricultural machinery grew by three times. The first time we even started to sell it for export».

«But in order for the line item to expand, it is necessary that there was a demand for this technique. The gardens were not in such quantity. Understand what’s going on? Where to release if the gardens were not, we are all imported from European countries? Now, when all this came about when all this is done, there is a market for such equipment,» he continued.

Medvedev did not rule out subsidizing production and small agricultural machinery. «We concentrated on the bigger machines — harvesters, snow machines, they really have good, absolutely competitive… But that’s a small technology we have is not so much. I’ll have to look and the program to subsidize, to establish, to be released more», — said the Prime Minister.