Russia did not fall into the trap of political crisis, said Medvedev

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Activesprite in fotoreceptor of the government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev. Archival photoRussia did not fall into the trap of political crisis, said Medvedev© RIA Novosti / Alexander Activesprite the image Bank

Russia has managed not to fall into the trap of political crisis, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. He wrote about this in the article «Russia-2024: a Strategy for socio-economic development» for the magazine «economy Questions».

According to him, the authorities eased the acute financial problems and prevent critical growth of debt dependence, and avoided the crisis in the banking system.

«We have a stable budget, low public debt, and debt denominated in foreign currency (bearing currency risk) is extremely low,» wrote Medvedev.

Education and science

Also in the article, the Prime Minister raised the issues of education, health and social protection.

The Prime Minister believes that the quality of school education, Russia should join the ten countries-leaders.

In addition, he touched on the subject of scientific research. According to him, the current structure of expenditures on development unacceptable. Medvedev said that Russia’s budgetary funds cover two-thirds of these expenses, and in developed countries, the same percentage accounted for by private investment.

«The most important function of government is not in a direct increase in funding and an environment of advanced technological regulation, a kind of attractive technological offshore for implementation of advanced solutions,» wrote Medvedev.

He also pointed to the importance of raising the qualification of working people. In his opinion, this kind of indicator is moving the economy forward.

As he noted, the country is each employee on average improve their skills every five years, and taking into account international experience, this figure should be two to three times higher.

Health care and telemedicine

Speaking of health, the Prime Minister said that the need to improve the quality of medical services. He also promised that by 2022 in all settlements of Russia will be available to primary health care.

By 2024, according to him, it is planned to increase the staffing of doctors in the units providing medical care on an outpatient basis, up to 95%.

However, he noted that the personalization of health care involves the prevention and treatment of diseases and development of personalized medicines for the treatment of.

Moreover, Medvedev believes that it is important to develop telemedicine in remote areas but also in Metropolitan areas.

«With this technology there is a new market, which is forecast in the coming years will exceed one billion dollars. But the social aspect here today is the most important,» he said.

The fight against poverty and targeting of social protection

In his article, he touched on the targeting of social assistance in the fight against poverty.

The Prime Minister cited statistics, which States that the level of poverty that was more than 30% in the 1990-ies, has decreased in 2012 to 10.7%, but now again increased to 13.2%.

Medvedev believes that targeting is the main vector of modernization of the social protection system. This will turn out to support those who «cannot independently solve their socio-economic problems, i.e. vulnerable social groups».

So, in his opinion, the necessary information platform that will not only help in the fight against poverty, but will also provide the reasons for its occurrence.

Medvedev noted that the real step in this direction was the creation of a Unified state information system of social security.