The foreign Ministry explained the presence of tehsredstv have sent from the Netherlands of the Russians

© RIA Novosti / Maxim to Aminopherase in photobacteria of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia in Moscow. Archival photoThe foreign Ministry explained the presence of tehsredstv have sent from the Netherlands of the Russians© RIA Novosti / Maxim to Aminopherase the image Bank

Citizens of Russia, which in April sent from the Hague on charges in the preparation of hacker attacks, had a special instrument for testing information systems and diplomatic passports, the Ministry of foreign Affairs.

«During a famous press conference on 4 October, the authorities of the Netherlands made a number of statements about some «covert operation GRU.» Nothing secret in the journey of a group of Russian technicians were not. It was completely open and on a routine business trip,» — said the foreign Ministry.

It noted that the daily activities of the Russian diplomatic missions abroad provide various government agencies and departments, including the Ministry of defence. «A process that involves only specialized and certified structure,» — said the Minister.

«Confiscated from the Russian representatives of the technical means intended for the testing of information systems of the embassies in the interests of security analysis of computer networks in connection with the become frequent attempts of cyberpromote in the Russian state companies», — said the Russian foreign Ministry.

As stated in the Ministry of foreign Affairs, the Netherlands silence, «that during detention no official claims to the Russian experts has not been shown».

«They didn’t ask any questions. They just seized equipment, including mobile phones, thereby depriving them of the ability to quickly contact the Embassy,» — said the foreign Ministry.

«Was rejected and a direct requirement to notify the events of the Russian diplomatic mission. Moreover, our experts had removed all personal belongings, including credit cards and money. Then they were escorted on the next flight to Moscow», — said the foreign Ministry.

Moscow also is deeply perplexing that after this episode no other action in accordance with normal diplomatic practice was not followed. «There was no diplomatic démarches, no requests, no notifications», — concluded the Agency.

Accusations of cyber attacks

In early October, the Ministry of defense of the Netherlands reported that the security services have prevented a hacker attack on the OPCW, which tried to carry out four Russians. The suspects were expelled from the territory of the Netherlands 13 April.

The Russian foreign Ministry called the accusations «another orchestrated propaganda» campaign and said that unleashed the «anti-Russian campaign of spy mania» causes serious harm to bilateral relations. The head of the Ministry Sergey Lavrov stressed that there is nothing secret in the trip to the Hague of Russian specialists was not. They are not hiding and doing routine work, the Minister said.

Also with the accusations against Russia made by the US and Canada, stating that the seven «GRU» involved in hacking attacks on the electoral system of the US anti-doping laboratory, the nuclear company Westinghouse, stealing and posting money laundering with the use of cryptocurrency.