The repair of a bypass road in the Amur region, where the bridge collapsed, will continue in the night

© Photo : emergencies Ministry of Russia of Emergency recovery work at the site of collapsed bridge in city Free the Amur regionThe repair of a bypass road in the Amur region, where the bridge collapsed, will continue in the night© Photo : emergencies Ministry of Russia

Repairs of a bypass road in the city Free the Amur region, where on Tuesday partially collapsed overpass connecting two parts of the city, continue and night, told RIA Novosti acting mayor Vladimir Konstantinov.

In 10.33 (04.33 GMT) in the Free struck the superstructure of the overpass over the main road from the TRANS-Siberian railway street Mikhailo-chesnokovskaya, connecting the Central part of the city with zaliniine part. The city introduced the state of emergency, the viaduct 1982 built decided to disassemble. According EMERCOM of the Russian Federation, as a result of collapse suffered by one person — the driver of the car. Movement by rail is blocked. Investigators opened a case of negligence after the collapse of the bridge.

«The night will continue to restore main problem areas. Tomorrow the road will present for evaluation of the traffic police to let the buses,» — said Konstantinov.

The overpass connected the city centre with part of the Free, beyond the railway, there are about 10 thousand people and is in the hospital. Earlier, the press Secretary of the administration of Free Christina Myagkova, told RIA Novosti that the bypass road is in bad condition and blurred by rain, it will strengthen the 500 tons of sand will pass the grading.

According to the regional Central Board MOE, in liquidation of consequences of emergency situations involved 277 people and 57 units of equipment, arrived at the scene regenerative trains from stations and Belogorsk Shimanovskaya. It was also decided to mobilize from the construction site of the Amur gas processing plant nearly three dozen experts from Contracting organizations to provide additional equipment for the consecration of the place of work, two diesel power plants. To break up the crumbling concrete stairs planning on using compressor with strikers.