The Russians on the night of Tuesday will be able to see the brightest star of autumn

© Flickr / Ryan WickТелескоп under the open sky. Archival photoThe Russians on the night of Tuesday will be able to see the brightest star of autumn© Flickr / Ryan Wick

The most striking astronomical phenomenon of autumn meteor shower Draconids – in the night of Tuesday will be to the naked eye to observe in all regions of Russia, told RIA Novosti experts in astronomy.

Near the head of the dragon

«Draconids — sounds very threatening, but really this is just another astronomical event – a meteor shower. The name of this thread, like all the other «shooting stars», it’s due to the location of the radiant, the imaginary point of departure of the meteors. The Draconid radiant is near the head of the Dragon. Mother of this astronomical event is the comet 21P/Giacobini – Zinner. It particles of its tail burn up in the atmosphere during Draconid», – said the Director of the Samara club of Amateur astronomers «Astrocamera» Eugene Baransky.

Draconians – one of the meteor showers, which is observed annually. A large part of his time he is not active, but sometimes there are powerful flash, when there are several thousand meteors per hour. The last time such a spectacular phenomenon occurred in 1933 and 1946. This week a meteor shower, it is recommended to observe with 8 to 10 October, but it should not be more than 10-15 meteors per hour, said the scientific Director of the astronomical Observatory Ka-Dar, the Creator of the project «Ostroverhy» Stas Short.

Peak flow Draconids will have at 2:00 UTC, i.e. early in the morning Moscow time, but to observe it will be possible from Monday evening until dawn. Starfall will look like slow meteors flying by, because the speed of them is low – only 20 kilometers per second, said Short.

As the stars of the Big dipper

«In Yaroslavl has already seen a single Draconid meteors. During peak activity, which is expected in the night of Tuesday, is expected to 20 meteors per hour. It is quite unpredictable meteor shower. In the XX century was a very large outbreak this year is not expected», – said the Methodist cultural and educational center named after V. Tereshkova, Yaroslavl Olesya Romensky.

To observe the meteor shower, according to experts, the best in 30-40 kilometers from major cities, away from street lights, it is desirable that there was an open horizon. The flow is observed only with the naked eye, because the meteors fly unpredictable for any part of the sky, and a special technique will only narrow the field of view, said the astronomers.

«Conditions must be the same as for observation of the sky must be dark and clear weather. The brightness of the meteors is completely unpredictable, it depends on the amount of meteoric dust that flies into the Earth’s atmosphere. If you will fly the meteors size, conventionally, with one millimeter, they brightness will be as the stars of the Big dipper. And if you fly in the atmosphere meteor body size with 10-ruble coin, it will be fairly bright meteor which is brighter than the planet Venus. It may look like a fireworks display average brightness,» said Short.

Best meteor shower be visible in Northern regions, because there is a constellation of the Dragon is taller and longer than the night, explained the Creator of the project «Ostroverhy». «In the Murmansk region, where clear weather today – one of the best regions for observation on the territory of Russia. And in Sochi, for example, the night is shorter and the constellation of the Dragon will be low on the horizon,» he added.

In the words of the popularizer of cosmonautics Vitaliy Egorov, periodically, the Earth turning in its orbit around the Sun, intersects the orbit of the comet, which flies fine dust remaining in the period of vaporization and destruction of comets. «The difference in speed between the dust and Earth can reach tens of kilometers per second, so the dust burns, colliding with earth’s atmosphere. The frequency of collisions depends on the density of the dust and may reach several motes per minute on a visible portion of the firmament,» he explained, noting that the inhabitants of the Earth, these events do not pose a threat and are a good reason for an evening stroll under the starry sky.