Dagestani authorities said the purpose of the «anti-extremist» contest

© Fotolia / fantom_rdНоутбук. Archival photoDagestani authorities said the purpose of the «anti-extremist» contest© Fotolia / fantom_rd

The authorities of Dagestan have organized «anti-extremist» competition to Internet users not only consume information, but filtered it, reported RIA Novosti, the acting head of the coordination information and cultural centre Sabina Kurbanova.

The authorities of Dagestan have opened a hot line, which will collect links to materials that incite ethnic hatred on the Internet.

On the official website of the hot line reported that the most active users who will report content inciting ethnic hatred on the Internet can win a smartphone, gyrometer and other prizes. In the first place — the iPhone, for second place — Xiaomi, the third place Xiaomi.

Acting head of the coordination information and cultural centre Sabina Kurbanova told RIA Novosti that the main purpose of the contest is to attract Internet users and encouraging people to be active not only on the commodity information, but also filtering it.

«It’s one thing if we peruse information, but you just need to be careful. It is important to convey to people that extremism and the fight against extremism is not the task of the relevant authorities, it is something that can and should be doing to each of us. That is, we saw a comment under a photograph: «kill someone, deliver their land from so-and-so» indicating any of the nationalities. It is necessary that we understand that today a man wrote this, and tomorrow somebody will listen, support, and day after tomorrow someone else will join, will create the group and then they will come to beat you because you don’t fit their criteria of correctness,» — said the Agency interlocutor.

In her words, «the onus is on each of us and peace in the country depends on each and our attention including».