From «Raspberry» to «Tanker». How to avoid becoming a victim of loyalty programs

© RIA Novosti / Michael Voskresenskiye in photobacteria Bank conducts monetary operations with the new notes of 200 and 2000 rubles at VTB Bank in MoscowFrom «Raspberry» to «Tanker». How to avoid becoming a victim of loyalty programs© RIA Novosti / Michael Voskresenskiye the image Bank

Company «loyalty partners Vostok», the owner and operator of loyalty cards «a Raspberry» has addressed in Arbitration court of Moscow with the statement for bankruptcy. Six million customers, not knowing the problems of LPV, lost bonus points for a huge sum. Why bankrupt Russia’s largest loyalty program and how to avoid becoming a victim of other such projects in the material RIA Novosti.

A good start

Some cardholders Malina complain that they have frozen a few thousand points, others are talking about tens and hundreds of thousands. According to experts, the total amount of missing bonuses of billions of rubles. However, many experts predicted the collapse of the program from its very beginning.

Initiated the launch of «Raspberry» was made by holding «Rostik groups», which owns restaurants IL Patio «planet sushi», «American bar and grill», T. G. I. Friday’s, coffee shops Costa Coffee.

From mid-2004 Vice-President on marketing «Rostik groups» Eric Barr negotiated with the owners and managers of large Russian companies on the issue of the overall loyalty card. The basis proposed to take the guest Card, which operated the restaurants «Rostik».

By the beginning of 2005 formed the pool of participants of the project, which included the «Rostik group», «pharmacy chain 36,6», «VimpelCom» and a network of filling stations TNK-BP. A little later, to manage the program of loyalty «a Raspberry» established company «loyalty partners Vostok» (LPV), headed by Eric Barre.

LPV wholly owned Cypriot company CSI Loyalty Partners Ltd with registered capital of two million dollars, its founders and co-owners were four companies participating in the project.

Grow up, my «Raspberry»

In the first year produced more than two million cards accrued over 500 million points. Under the program the accumulated points converted into money (at the rate of 20 points per ruble) or exchanged for goods from the catalogue «Raspberry».

Income LPV consisted of cash received from program participants for assessed customers the points and fees for customer information.

In the contract «Raspberry» with partners was an item on the program «demographic and other data contained in the participant questionnaire», information on purchases by customers of products of the partner company and other information.

The program is constantly joined by new partners — Ozon, Raiffeisenbank, «Ile de beaute», Tinkoff Bank and others. Experts «Raspberry» more resembled a fable about a Swan, cancer and pike — participants of the project were too different and had their own ideas about loyalty.

These fears were justified: the partners would be disappointed in his offspring.

The collapse of the coalition

In 2012, «loyalty partners Vostok» reported revenue of $ 714 million rubles and net profit of four million rubles. In the same year, one of the founders of CSI Loyalty Partners VimpelCom sold its stake in the company and left the project.

In 2014 a new partner «Raspberry» became Rosneft bought TNK-BP. The company soon also left the project, its representatives explained that during the work «Malina» loyalty program investments TNK-BP was much higher than the contribution of others, despite the promise of parity.

Around the same time, «Rostiks» announced the restart of its program «guest of honor» in the form of mobile app stop work with «Raspberries».

The longest lasted Tinkoff Bank, having concluded its partnership with the project only last summer. The Bank said: «the Accumulated bonus points on cards «a Raspberry» are saved and can be spent on the purchase of products in the catalog partner.» In other words all the bonuses of the «Raspberry» contact pad.

Malina then published on its Internet portal information about «temporary difficulties». But then disappeared from the site catalogue of goods purchased for bonuses. And soon ceased to open and the web page.

To spend the accumulated bonuses customers «Raspberry» could not.

From «Raspberry» to «Truck»

It seems that the point of no return for «Raspberries» has become July 2016, when CSI Loyalty Partners Ltd has informed Cypriot regulator about changes in the composition of shareholders. The details were not disclosed, however, the media pointed out the CEO of LPV Sergey Borodin as the new owner of the company. All of the founding fathers of the «Raspberry» from the project left.

A few months later one of the employees «loyalty partners Vostok» announced on Facebook that half of the company’s employees engaged in the project «the Tanker» — a loyalty card for motorists with accrued bonuses on gasoline purchases.

Formally no connection between the two projects no. The operator of a «Truck» — LLC «Group of companies MILLION», CEO — Alexander E. Khripunov.

However, the General Director of the «loyalty partners Vostok» Sergey Borodin actively promotes «fuel Truck»on Facebook and constantly publishes news about the project, often on their behalf.

Here is the entry from June 14, (spelling and punctuation preserved): «Decided to rewrite my post… it seems that all of Russia is our map!!))) Bliiiin what I and my marketing was not expecting this!!! But words do not refuse! OLE!!!» We are talking about promotion «Tanker» — for every goal the Russian national team to provide additional percentage discounts on gasoline at the bonus map «Tanker». Post by Borodin published with the caption «Your truck».

The eighth of March the General Director of LPV census a remarkable statement Hummer (spelling and punctuation preserved): «Sergey Borodin, General Director of the company «Loyalty partners» loyalty program MALINA and the Truck knows how important it is to have a spare battery in the cold!» That is, Borodin called the head and «Raspberry» and «Tanker». With Feb 2017 he did not mention the project «Raspberry».

The General Director of «loyalty partners Vostok» not even informed that in September his company has addressed in arbitration court with the statement for bankruptcy.

The history of the collapse of the «Raspberry» — a good lesson to all the customers of loyalty programs. But first and foremost to the incident you should pay attention to owners of cards «the Truck».

It is not only that both projects probably are the same people. There are still a number of disturbing symptoms.

First, the Charter capital of the operator of a «Truck» — LLC «Group of companies MILLION» ten thousand rubles.

Secondly, 99% of the MILLION owned by the Cypriot firm «Saliendo Ltd», registered in Paphos at the same address as the law offices of G. Prodromou Associates LLC, is engaged in registration of the offshore company.

Third, the «Group of companies MILLION» in Moscow, registered at the address of mass registration (Izmailovsky Boulevard, building 58, room. I, kom. 18) along with two hundred other companies.

Fourth, according to the NRF, 2017 income MILLION amounted to 12.2 million rubles, and expenditures — 16,9 million roubles. Thus, the company suffered losses of almost five million.

This is not surprising when you consider that the largest partners of the «Truck» listed on the website of the project — Gazprom Neft, Shell and Circle K — on these maps is not mentioned. Moreover, they all develop their own loyalty programs: «Gazpromneft» — «going my way», Shell Clubsmart, and Circle K — Extra Club.

This does not mean that cards from the «Truck» you should immediately get rid of. While taking them, it is foolish to refuse the opportunity to save money. Especially with the current gasoline prices.

It is enough to observe a few simple rules. First: make money on a «Tanker» directly before the purchase of gasoline, making sure that this specific gas station cards are accepted. Second, do not collect bonuses — implement them at the earliest opportunity.