In Primorye re-start the incinerator, which complained about Putin

© RIA Novosti / Mikhail Microsymptomatology plant. Archival photoIn Primorye re-start the incinerator, which complained about Putin© RIA Novosti / Mikhail Mokrushin

Previously closed incineration «of Specialty number 1» in Vladivostok, which complained about Russian President Vladimir Putin will again run for a week to destroy any accumulated debris, according to the administration of the province.

At the press conference of the President December 14, 2017 journalist from Vladivostok said that the smoke from the incineration plant pollutes the air in the district for military Snow Pad. Putin replied that he would try to understand the problem of Snow Falls where once had been. The President instructed to Feb to test whether incineration plant in Primorye environmental legislation. As previously reported by the city administration, inter-Ministerial inspection found no violations in the plant. The company ceased its operation on 1 September 2018.

«Because of the unplanned repair of heating from 20 to 27 August 2018 the decision was made to stop the burning of garbage for 20 numbers. Due to the premature cessation of activities the plant the storage hopper there are about 400 tons of garbage. Was worked out various options for dredging of accumulated waste from the hopper and transporting them to the landfill of municipal waste. But because of the constructional features of hopper and this procedure turned out to be impossible», — stated in the message.

Regional operator in the waste management said that «the only possible and correct alternative remains only the burning of the remaining debris – this decision was taken».

The management of the plant shall burn waste for 5-7 days. After this the plant can, say authorities.

Incineration «of Specialty number 1» was built in 1979. Last year, the company purchased the domestic filters for 12 million, but authorities say that, to function at 100% for technical reasons they can’t: the installation in order to save were not included in the purchase.