In St. Petersburg the company for recycling can get a tax break

© RIA Novosti / Mikhail Mokrushin Experts of the popular front talked about the effective processing of wasteIn St. Petersburg the company for recycling can get a tax break© RIA Novosti / Mikhail Mokrushin

Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg passed in the first reading amendments to the tax legislation — waste recycling companies are to be exempt from property tax and land tax, the press service of the regional branch of the party «United Russia».

The author of the initiative, the head of the faction «United Russia» Alexander Teterenko proposed to amend the laws of St. Petersburg «on tax on property of organizations» and «On land tax». In particular, organizations that engaged in the processing and disposal of waste are exempted from the property tax and land tax.

«It is clear that the issue of waste management is important for Petersburg. We are faced with the problem of overcrowding in landfills around the city, with the problems of smell in the Primorsky district and so on. Unfortunately, not only in St. Petersburg but throughout the country, insufficiently developed waste management industry compared to our European colleagues. We talk a lot about the need to introduce separate waste collection, but even if we spodvignet the population in separate waste management, we have no processing plants that will negate efforts to separate collection,» said Teterenko, whose words are reported.

According to him, the proposed changes will reduce the tax burden for waste processing enterprises.

«Recycling, except incineration is a marginal business at present, and, accordingly, the tax burden on entrepreneurs should be reduced. The proposed bill takes the first step on this path», said Teterenko.