Mat said about the promotion in the Donbass more than a kilometer

© AFP 2018 / Anatolii Volobrinsky military. Archival photoMat said about the promotion in the Donbass more than a kilometer© 2018 AFP / Anatolii Boiko

Security forces have advanced more than a kilometer in the «gray» area, said the headquarters operations of the United forces of Ukraine.

«The combined forces conducted a sweep of one of the settlements of Volnovakha district. <…> Was moving 1200 meters forward, cleared the approaches of the Ukrainian party, has exposed the secrets and barriers,» reads the post, press centre of the headquarters on Facebook.

In Donetsk already responded to the statement of Kiev, calling it fiction.

«I responsibly declare that our military personnel remain in their positions. <…> Assume that this is another «victory», invented by Ukrainian command. It is not clear what this locality, its name reason to hide. The video, allegedly filmed on location, more like a staged», — told RIA Novosti the representative of the militia DND.

The violation of the Minsk agreements

The conflict in the South-East of Ukraine has lasted almost four and a half years. The issue of settlement is discussed by the contact group in Minsk. Adopted three documents that reglamentary steps to de-escalate, but the fighting continues.

The DNR has repeatedly said that the APU in violation of the Minsk agreement is the settlements located in the neutral zone.

In the OSCE declared that it is necessary to create a buffer zone between the militias and security forces.

Mat said about the promotion in the Donbass more than a kilometerThe Minsk agreement