Medina looks forward to a successful hire cartoon «Hoffmanniana»

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Nikolskiye in fotomancer of culture of Russia Vladimir Medinsky. Archival photoMedina looks forward to a successful hire cartoon «Hoffmanniana»© RIA Novosti / Alexei Nikolskiye the image Bank

The Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky hopes that the animated film «Hoffmanniana», which was created at the Studio «Soyuzmultfilm» for about 17 years, will find its audience.

The international premiere of the film «Hoffmanniana» directed by Stanislav Sokolov took place in the winter within the framework of the Berlinale. Painting is a unique example of puppet animation, which will go down in movie history, reported earlier, the press service of «Soyuzmultfilm».

«I am very glad to see children Juliana Slashhevoj — this means that the film is very good. Congratulations to all. The biggest unfinished cartoon in Russian history, the film, which was done 17 years to finally be released, and, we hope, will find its audience. The company Disney has a talent for laminating a film — unusual specific — very well,» said Medina at the premiere of the film in the cinema «Illusion».

The Chairman of the Board of «Soyuzmultfilm» Juliana Slaschova said that the Studio is in a new phase of its existence, creates many projects, but she couldn’t move on without completing this cartoon.

«Hoffmanniana» — this is the page that we will be able to turn and say that the very talented team that almost 17 years have worked on it, did it not in vain. We really appreciate this work,» — said Slaschova.

She called the first of the audience to relate to the painting as a true work of art. «Then you get the pleasure that we expect,» she added.

Each doll to «Germaniade» created by hand on sketches of the famous artist Mikhail Shemyakin, the pictures of Stanislav Sokolov and Elena Ivanovoj.

Their voices to the characters gave the actors Vladimir Koshevoy, Michael Shirvindt, Alexei Petrenko, for whom this role was the last (he passed away in 2017), Paul Favorites, actress Anna Artamonova Natalia Fisson. The film was to be released in October 11.