Medvedev presents state awards to agronomists and zootechnical

© RIA Novosti / Ekaterina to Stuckinarut in fotoreceptor of the government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev speaks at the opening ceremony of the 20th agro-industrial exhibition Golden autumn in Moscow. 10 Oct 2018Medvedev presents state awards to agronomists and zootechnical© RIA Novosti / Ekaterina to Stuckinarut the image Bank

Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev presents state awards at the forum «Golden autumn» among the prizewinners are the agronomists and livestock specialists.

The order of Honour Medvedev will hand over to the Director of the Russian scientific research Institute of information and techno-economic studies on engineering and technical provision of agro-industrial complex Vyacheslav Fedorenko, the order of Friendship — Deputy Director of livestock breeding plant «Rabidity» Tatiana Karapysh. The distinction «For faultless service» will get Deputy Director of the legal Department of the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation Andrey Gerasimov.

Moreover, Medvedev will be awarded a medal of the order «For merits before Fatherland of the second degree» the main livestock specialist of the agricultural production cooperative «Faithful» Zoe Voroshilova, head of Agrofirm them. Pavlov Gennady Gorbunov and others.

The title «Honoured worker of food industry» will assign Lyubov Kostromina from Novoaltaysk and Lyubov Romanova from Magnitogorsk. The ceremony also awarded the title of honored worker of agriculture of the Russian Federation.