New series «Return in Prostokvashino» will talk about the father dog Ball

The premiere of the seventh series of the cartoon «Return to Buttermilk» was held at the official YouTube channel of the Studio «Soyuzmultfilm» on Wednesday, in a new episode of the dog Sharik learns that his father was a firefighter, the press service of the Studio.

The new series of the legendary animated series the Studio began to spread in early April in social networks «Classmates» and «Vkontakte», as well as on the platform site Movie Mail.Ru. At the end of may «Soyuzmultfilm» has launched an official YouTube channel. The seventh series is called «hero Genes».

«Once the Ball showed a picture of his dad’s grandfather Theodore, who suggested that dad was a firefighter. This is a very inspired Ball on the feats, but it turned out that the postman Pechkin knows about dad a little more,» reads the description to the episode.

The Director of the new series were Anna’s Cousin.

In the new series of cartoon dog Ball voiced musician Garik Sukachev, actor Ivan Okhlobystin gave her voice to postman Pechkin, and the actress Yulia Menshova — the mother of Uncle Feodor. The Uncle Theodore is voiced by young actor Alex Onegin. Sylvester spoke with the voice of Anton Tabakov.