NTV celebrates 25th anniversary

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NTV on Wednesday celebrates its 25-year anniversary: October 10, 1993, at 21.00, went on the air «Results» is the first program produced by the broadcaster, and on 11 October 1993, viewers saw the first edition of the program «Today» with Tatyana Mitkova.

Now NTV is one of the largest Federal channels of Russia. According to the holding «Gazprom-media», which includes NTV, the channel is broadcast in all constituent entities of the Russian Federation, and the technical signal covers 97% of the population. Broadcaster is broadcasting in the CIS, Europe, the Middle East, North America and Australia.

Flagship projects

In the grid, NTV today presented news, talk shows, lifestyle projects, music, entertainment and educational programs, documentary, social and other projects.

«One of the flagship programs of the Sunday is «the End of the week» with Irada Zeynalova, which have become the best analytical transmission weeks. The trust of the audience in a competent and professional Analytics hard to gain, but even harder to keep them, and «the week» can do it for the past two years», — told RIA Novosti Deputy General Director, General producer of the JSC «TV company NTV» Timur Weinstein.

Also among the flagship projects of the TV channel — «Secret in a million» with Leroy Kudryavtseva, «Central television» with Vadim Takmenev, «Venue» Andrey Norkina.

«Hallmark channel is the show «You’re super!», which not only became one of the most popular projects on Russian TV and on the Internet, but also has helped many participants gain confidence, new career, and some — even family. The project is international and it brings together children from different countries, for which we are grateful to our partner in this project, an international news Agency and radio Sputnik,» says Weinstein.
Bet on ostrosyuzhetnogo

NTV is today one of the largest producers of the action-Packed series, starring such famous Russian actors as Vladimir Mashkov, Andrei Smirnov, Elizaveta Boyarskaya, Anatoly Bely, Pavel Priluchny, Sergey Garmash, Svetlana Khodchenkova, Daria Ekamasova, Gosha Kutsenko. There is on NTV and his series-centenarians, among them «Sea devils», «COP war» and «Streets of broken lamps», which soon will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the channel.

«At the moment about 60% of the series in production by NTV, is detectives. Modern, historical, police adventure, spy drama is what the audience used to come on NTV. The remaining content is divided drama, adventure, political drama. There are even projects with a mystical component,» — said the Agency interlocutor.

Weinstein explained that action-detective and police TV shows are popular all over the world. «It is the most popular genre. Reasons that NTV should abandon such content, no. Another thing is that this genre has subgenres, and the channel is now working on this», he added.

The viewer and the image channel

Speaking of today’s audience, NTV, Weinstein reported that throughout the week on various media platforms for content can find any audience. However, he noted that the channel «gender balanced»: in August-September NTV watched 42% men and 58% women.

«There are time-slots and programs in which NTV is the leader of TV viewing at a young audience. For example, on Saturday and Sunday from 10.20 to 14.00, when on our channel go lifestyle projects, it remains the most popular channel for the young audience 14-44 (10,5%). There are projects, favorite audience is older, is weekdays from morning to pre-Prime. Is the content designed for widest possible audience: it’s Prime time weekdays and weekends,» — said the General producer of NTV.

He also noted that the recognizable logo of NTV and green in the design in the near future don’t plan to change: TV channel, on the contrary, returned «to the roots».

«Two years ago, there was a restyled design to NTV, we returned to the green ball of NTV in the center as an important and recognizable protosingel… Now we are trying to change the «clothes» of the channel every quarter and make them different for different time-slots. Created and changed the design of many programs. Visually, the channel began to look completely different: high quality, modern, and just beautiful. And it is noticed not only the audience, promo and design of NTV for the past two years has become the owner of a number of professional awards both in Russia and abroad», — said Weinstein.