Rospotrebnadzor has suspended the 63 restaurants network «СушиWOK» in Moscow

© RIA Novosti / Dmitry to Chebotaeva in fotobanka. Archival photoRospotrebnadzor has suspended the 63 restaurants network «СушиWOK» in Moscow© RIA Novosti / Dmitry chebotaeva to the photobank

The CPS checked out 108 restaurants network «СушиWOK» in Moscow has suspended the 63 establishments and fined a network of nearly half a million rubles, the press service of the Ministry.

Check passed due to the fact that in July in Moscow there were cases of salmonellosis associated with the consumption of sushi and rolls from the «СушиWOK», and revealed numerous violations of sanitary legislation in almost all the institutions of the network.

Thus, the sanitary technical condition and maintenance of production facilities was unsatisfactory, raw materials, semi-finished and finished products were stored together, which is unacceptable, loading and disposal of waste was carried out through a single entrance for staff and visitors. The area of the premises did not correspond to the capacity of enterprises: the selected treatment area of raw and finished products. The ventilation system was absent or worked inefficiently.

In addition, the restaurants were not carried out internal control of the quality and safety of finished products. Semi-finished products, sauces and vegetables had no markings of the manufacturer, some products have expired and do not have documents confirming their origin and quality. The staff worked without sanitary clothes. In addition, the areas seen cockroaches and flies.

Rospotrebnadzor experts have selected and researched in accredited organizations FBUZ «Center of hygiene and epidemiology in Moscow» 243 production sample, 143 of them (58%) did not meet the requirements of technical regulations on microbiological criteria, 234 detected bacteria Escherichia coli group.

As a result, 86 restaurants made protocols on temporary ban on activities. The premises was sealed, and the materials of checks were transferred to the district courts. The courts temporarily closed 63 restaurants — for a period of from 12 to 90 days and another eight were fined a total of $ 85 thousand rubles.

All of the restaurants imposed a fine on 64 1,486 million rubles. Destroyed 496,5 of a kilogram of products with expired shelf life.