Russia urged the United States to begin peace settlement in Afghanistan

© Photo : NATO / Sgt. Joe Ragusa the U.S. army during a training exercise in Afghanistan. Archive photoRussia urged the United States to begin peace settlement in Afghanistan© Photo : NATO / Sgt. Joe Parrish

USA needs to focus on starting the peace process in Afghanistan, said the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova on Wednesday at a briefing in Koktebel.

She said that in 17 years America failed to cope with the threats of terrorism, extremism and drug trafficking in Afghanistan. «On the contrary, these threats only intensified, you might say, has become a headache for the whole world,» she said. Just today in Afghanistan killed 35 employees of the army, the police and at least 19 local residents, said Zakharov. In her view, «these figures are better than any of the estimates characterize the situation in the country.»

«The only way to end years of conflict in the country is the achievement of Afghan national consent through political and diplomatic means… the Current rate of Washington on military force, only multiplies the enemies of the Afghan government and the rise of extremist sentiment in the country,» — said the representative of the foreign Ministry. «We categorically reject this approach and urge the American side to focus on the launch of the peace process,» — said Zakharov.

Also Zakharova recalled that, on 4 October in Kandahar, «according to reports, American drone once again struck the wrong missile strike, which killed four civilians …,eight people were injured». She noted that Moscow hopes for a formal investigation into the incident and that those responsible will be punished.

In Afghanistan there is a confrontation between government forces and the radical Taliban*, which, according to the latest data, controls about 50% of the country. Parallel to this, its influence in Afghanistan reinforces the terrorist group «Islamic state.»*

* Terrorist organizations, banned in Russia.