The Bulgarian authorities confirmed that the suspect in the murder of journalist detained in Germany

© REUTERS / Stoyan NenovПортет journalist Victoria Marinova on a makeshift memorial in the town of Ruse, BulgariaThe Bulgarian authorities confirmed that the suspect in the murder of journalist detained in Germany© REUTERS / Stoyan Nenov

The chief Prosecutor of Bulgaria Sotir tsatsarov at a press conference on Wednesday morning confirmed that a man suspected of killing journalist Victoria Marinova, detained in Germany.

Earlier in mass media appeared information that the suspect in the high-profile murder case Marinova arrested in Germany, where he earlier managed to escape after committing the crime.

«In a short period of time in increased mobilization of resources of the Ministry of interior and the Prosecutor’s office was able to collect a lot of evidence that speak of the guilt of the detainee. Failed to establish that the man had left the country on October 7 after establishing his whereabouts were involved in international cooperation mechanisms in the security sphere, in relation to men was issued a European warrant for arrest, after which he was detained in Germany,» said Nazarov.

Stream press conference goes to Facebook.

He added that the detained man 1997 birth name is Severin of Krasimirov him in absentia charged with rape and murder.

Man will soon stand trial in Germany, after which he will be extradited to Bulgaria.

In turn, the Minister of internal Affairs of Bulgaria Mladen Marinov said that the house in Ruse, where the detainee lived, located close to the crime scene. According to him, «the specialists have already completed part of his DNA materials, collected evidence, and gave information that on the clothing the suspect was discovered DNA material of victim’s and his own, as his DNA was found on the body of the victim».

According to him, the CSU continue to work with the clues and will soon be published and other evidence.

He also added that the man in 2007 took place in the case of the theft of non-ferrous metals, other data about the Commission of crimes not yet discovered.

Administrative Director and host of the regional TV channel TVN 30-year-old Viktoria Marinov was killed on 6 October in the city of Ruse in Northern Bulgaria. The investigation believes that the murder is possibly related to the investigative work of the journalist. The last topic, on which he worked Marinova, was the so-called GPGate scandal around the embezzlement of European Union funds.