The expert commented on the proposal to amend the Constitution

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Making even tiny changes to the Constitution of the Russian Federation will cause dissatisfaction not only among the legally savvy citizens who know how these changes can upset the balance of the legislation, but also among the General population that just do not understand them, told RIA Novosti lawyer Feodor Afanasiev.

The head of the constitutional court of the Russian Federation, Valery Zorkin, earlier in an interview to «Rossiyskaya Gazeta» said that the Constitution has flaws, but they can be addressed point changes. Among the disadvantages he called the lack of clarity in the distribution of powers between the President and the government in determining the status of the presidential administration and powers of the Prosecutor’s office. In his opinion, deficiencies exist in the delimitation of subjects of competence and powers between the Federation and its constituent entities.

«Deficiencies can, and have, but change they must, by amending the Constitution through a referendum. Targeted changes, which will be held only by the legislature, will cause misunderstanding and resentment of citizens. And they don’t explain what to do now. People do not understand,» said the lawyer.

He also said that among the specialists in law is also a certain skepticism.

«Understand, anyone, even a minor change of the Constitution, will lead to the fact that a whole group of laws will be perceived differently. You will receive legal chaos,» — said the expert.

Earlier, the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, commenting on the words of Valery Zorkin, said that the Kremlin was not involved in any work in terms of point changes in the Constitution of the Russian Federation and perceives it as a personal expert point of view Zorkin.