The foreign Ministry called Kiev’s plans to impose sanctions on TV channels «information criminals»

© RIA Novostizenit the foreign Ministry. Archival photoThe foreign Ministry called Kiev’s plans to impose sanctions on TV channels «information criminals»© RIA Novosti

The official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry called «information criminals» by Kiev’s plans to impose sanctions against a number of Ukrainian TV channels.

The Ukrainian Parliament invited the Council of national security and defense Council (NSDC) to impose sanctions against the TV channel «112.Ukraine» and NewsOne of the «propaganda of the aggressor state», the corresponding draft resolution was adopted on Thursday. Party Opposition bloc said that sanctions against Ukrainian channels will mean the introduction of censorship in the country and will lead to the elimination of freedom of speech; the party has asked its international partners to assess the actions of the authorities. Later, the Parliament received a draft, the adoption of which will cancel the decision on sanctions.

At the briefing in Koktebel Zakharova called Kiev’s actions a «cleanup» of the information space.

«This is a real war in their own information space, what is now proposed. It is a struggle with dissent, it is an attack on independent media. In the public space of Kyiv politicians assert their commitment to Western democracy and freedom of speech, and actually do real information robbery, covering up the unwanted media under false pretenses to initiate proceedings against journalists on forged accusations,» — said Zakharov.

According to her, Kiev thereby violates the obligations to protect human rights and freedom of speech.

«We call on international organizations and human rights organizations to give a proper assessment of these actions. Literally every day from Kiev, we have heard about (convicted in Russia for terrorism, the Ukrainian Director Oleg) Sentsov, demanding the release, shares are held. You know, would like to appeal to the Kiev authorities. You take Sentsov, he, when released, do not know the country to which he wants to return, pity the man, what are you doing? You maim its civil society,» — said the official representative of the foreign Ministry.

Also Zakharova criticized the bill of the Verkhovna Rada about the use of Ukrainian as the state language.

«This initiative …is a continuation of the policy of Kiev in the total Ukrainization of the society and will involve the spheres of education, culture, justice, health, media and even consumer services,» — said Zakharov.

She noted in particular the appointment of the Commissioner for the protection of the Ukrainian language, stressing that the establishment of such positions in the language, which is not a minority language, and not oppressed — is the «full situation of total absurdity».

«This kind of innovation (of the law) apart, primarily with the Constitution of Ukraine, which guarantees the free development, use and protection of Russian and other languages….We see this as an attempt of the ruling regime to play language card in the name simply of self-government», — said Zakharov.

The foreign Ministry called Kiev’s plans to impose sanctions on TV channels «information criminals»© RIA Novosti / Vitaly Policystat dissent