«Amputated leg, then the kidney started to have problems». The girl is a diabetic died due to the lack of soft drugs

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Mangalapura in photovacation during the procedure of blood purification on an Artificial kidney«Amputated leg, then the kidney started to have problems». The girl is a diabetic died due to the lack of soft drugs© RIA Novosti / Alexei Mangalapura the image Bank

In Saratov, the 28-year-old Olga Bagaeva, patient with diabetes died due to the fact that she’s almost eight months were not prescribed subsidised medicines. On the background of the underlying disease of the girl, the invalid of the first group, developed kidney failure. To arrest the condition, she was prescribed the drug «Epoetin». However, in January the results of the drugs on a preferential basis to Olga refused. As found by the Prosecutor’s office, regional Ministry of health simply has not purchased the drug — tender for the supply of the Agency held with a delay of almost five months. Bought it and not after eight, when to help bagaevoy was impossible.

«He said that the junk heart, and had a leg amputated»

Diabetes mellitus Olga was diagnosed with in adolescence. The girl’s mother told RIA Novosti that a serious problem for a long time, the disease caused, insulin daughter received on time. But about three years ago, «all hell broke loose».

«Suddenly Olya felt severe pain in the back. She was hospitalized, but the next day was discharged. Said nothing, heart pounding. But after a day daughters has become even worse. She was taken to another hospital, where he was diagnosed with «cellulitis» (an acute inflammation of subcutaneous fat). The leg had to be amputated,» he shared details Maria Bagaeva.

It is difficult to imagine the condition of the girl, which for 25 years had his leg cut off. However, misfortune never comes alone: against the background of diabetes mellitus began to develop kidney failure. According to the mother, for quite a long time Olga was not prescribed maintenance drugs. Only two years ago was appointed «Erythropoietin» (one of the trade names «Epoetin»). Gave him preferential recipes.

«And in January of 2018 said that more of this drug to give free will, as it is not purchased. We were offered to either wait or to buy for your money. We naturally chose the second option, bought, but not in that quantity what was necessary,» continues Maria Vitalievna.

Small package of five ampules costs about two thousand rubles. Every month only one drug in this family has gone eight thousand. «But still need to buy many other drugs. The benefit of sometimes helped relatives» — almost crying Maria Bagaeva.

Five months without a vital drug the health of the girls has suffered greatly, the kidneys work is getting worse. If before Olga could independently sit and lean on a Walker to walk to the toilet, then in the summer she became hard to even get out of bed. Mother had to hold her up. The situation was complicated by the fact that the district hospital was not a local therapist that would have led Olga Bagaeva. «If anything happens, we called the doctor on duty. Came all the different specialists who could not assess the condition of the daughter in the dynamics,» says Maria.

The tenth of August, Olga became very ill, she was sent for hemodialysis. It didn’t help — September 14 the girl died.

«This is nonsense»

In July, Olga on the Internet wrote to the office of the Commissioner for human rights in Saratov region. Tatiana Juric immediately responded: «We forwarded to the regional Ministry of health, there have inspected and told us that the problem is resolved. But a few days later, Olga complained to us: we need drugs no one gave. We were forced to contact the Prosecutor’s office».

As explained to RIA Novosti chief nephrologist of Ministry of health of Russia Yevgeny Shilov, «Epoetin» is indicated for the treatment of anemia in end-stage renal failure. And replace it with something impossible. «In fact, «Epoetin» is the chemical name, uniting a group of drugs. There is the old model — they cost pennies and they need to inject every day, is the so-called long positions, which is sufficient to inject once a week. Choice on the market is huge.»

According to Evgeny Shilov, in recent years, he has never faced a situation, when this medicine patients not given: «This is nonsense, especially that «Epoetin» is included in the list of free medicines under the program of state guarantees».

Ninth day of October, the Prosecutor’s office has finished checking. It is established that vital medication Olga was not given because it was not available. The auction for the supply of medicines was announced only in may, nearly five months after the due date. But then he was recognized as the regional Ministry of health failed. Re-auction was conducted only in June, and the state contract for the supply of drugs concluded in August.

The Supervisory Agency said that «before the conclusion of the contract, the Ministry of health gave regional clinics tacit instructions about netipiski recipes». Relatives of the patient was left with nothing but «buy expensive drugs at the expense of own means and in a smaller quantity than recommended. From the non-essential drugs and inadequate examination by the doctors the applicant has developed a complication».

The materials sent to the Investigative Committee. By results of check criminal case on signs of structure of the crime provided by part 1 of article 238 of the criminal code of Russian Federation («Rendering services not meeting requirements of safety of life or health of consumers»).

«Received replacement therapy»

According to the Commissioner for human rights in Saratov region, referrals from other patients with the same diagnosis were reported. «There were complaints from persons with disabilities who did not timely provide medications. But after inspections all defects were eliminated. With the situation, when I was approached again with the same problem I face for the first time», — admitted in a conversation with RIA Novosti Ombudsman.

The Ministry of health of the Saratov region explained that the patient Bagaeva for a long time was under supervision of doctors, had a serious illness were receiving replacement therapy by hemodialysis and drug therapy given disease and its complications. «The tragic incident is being thoroughly studied by the MHC region, are analyzed in detail all the circumstances leading to death. Law enforcement agencies, the Ministry provides all the necessary information about the delivery of health care to the patient,» — said the Agency.

Control of the situation and took the head of the Federal Ministry of health Veronika Skvortsova. She has instructed the health Ministry to conduct an audit.