In defense of Israel spoke about the fight against Islamist terror

© 2018 AFP / Jalaa Magiftrates military in the Golan heights near the border with Syria. Archival photoIn defense of Israel spoke about the fight against Islamist terror© 2018 AFP / Jalaa Marey

To curb Islamist terror, tough and uncompromising measures, said the Minister of defence of Israel, head of the party «Israel Our home» Avigdor Lieberman.

The Minister announced that from March 30, began when Hamas organized a wave of provocations on the border with the Gaza strip, was destroyed 211 terrorists, 5.5 thousand militants were wounded and were disabled.

In addition, said the Minister, was able to make another tough decision against the terrorists – with the following year from the amounts which Israel, under international obligations, monthly transfers to the Palestinian authority, will be deducted the money trapped in the accounts of terrorists.

«A significant part of the cash receipts goes to pay for the acts of terrorists. Moreover, there is a clear price list for murder, maiming or attack on government facilities,» he said at a meeting with party supporters.

«The compensation that life will get relatives of the killer, at times exceeds the salary of Palestinians, and this creates significant motivation to carry out attacks against our country, against our citizens,» added Lieberman.

He reported one, according to him, the law which the party «Our home Israel» intends to undertake at the next session of the Knesset, the law of the death penalty for terrorists.

«This measure should be applied in exceptional cases, when there is nothing else against the perpetrators of particularly brutal attacks,» — said Lieberman.

«Many of us have gone through difficult moments, to be the involuntary witnesses of how they were killed, entire families with young children, innocent civilians. Thus the caught terrorists felt the characters, hoping that they will be exchanged – we had to let go thousands of criminals for the sake of the Israelis. It is for these «heroes» should exist in the death penalty,» he said.

«Only through hard and consistent action, our citizens will be able to live in peace, and the country’s development,» said Lieberman.

He also informed that this year Israel reached a record number of tourists to 4 million foreigners could visit the country. «This suggests that people believe in our security policy», — he stressed.