In Egypt, 17 people were sentenced to death on charges of bombings in churches

© RIA Novosti / Fayed El-Generirati in photosangelina the Coptic Church of St. George in Egypt. Archival photoIn Egypt, 17 people were sentenced to death on charges of bombings in churches© RIA Novosti / Fayed El-Generirati the image Bank

A military court in Alexandria, Egypt on Thursday sentenced to death seventeen people accused of bombings of churches in Egypt in the period of 2016-2017 years, it is reported portal of the newspaper «Youm7».

Nineteen defendants were sentenced to life imprisonment, eight to fifteen years of imprisonment.

The accused, according to the court, are responsible for the deaths of eighty-two.

Those arrested are accused of membership in terrorist group ISIS («Islamic state» banned in Russia), the formation of its cells in Cairo and the Qena governorate, located in the South of Egypt, and direct participation in the preparation and implementation of the blasts in churches.

Two bombings in April 2017 in the two churches of Egypt within a few hours. The main Church in the Egyptian city of Tanta has killed about 30 people, about 80 were injured. Undermining was carried out by a suicide bomber, held in the Church during the service.

Later, a second suicide bomber blew himself up at the entrance to the Church in the city of Alexandria, which at that time was the Patriarch of the Coptic Church Theodore (Tawadros) II. Among the 18 killed in the attack, including four police officers, who stopped the suicide bomber and did not let him into the Church, that has allowed to avoid large number of victims.

In December 2017 the attack took place in the Cathedral complex in Abbas in Cairo, where there are several churches, including the Cathedral, where he holds the service of the Coptic Patriarch. According to official figures, the explosion, 25 people were killed, 49 were injured.