In India expect a strong cyclone

© AFP 2018 / Narinder NanuДожди in India. Archival photoIn India expect a strong cyclone© 2018 AFP / Narinder Nanu

About 300 thousand people evacuated from five coastal districts of the Eastern Indian state of Orissa in anticipation of the approaching of a powerful cyclone «Titley», reported on Thursday, the Meteorological Department of India.

According to authorities, the cyclone, the wind speed within which reaches 140-150 kilometers per hour, soon to hit Orissa and heavy rains. It is expected that the state will take the brunt of the elements, then the cyclone will turn North and go to the state of West Bengal along the coast of the Indian subcontinent.

On Thursday in the coastal areas of Orissa are closed most state institutions. Public transport is not running, the movement in many parts of the state are hampered due to strong winds felled trees and electric posts. Fishermen advised not to go to sea.

Information about possible casualties as of the moment is missing.