In Nakhodka conduct comprehensive audits of the state of the environment after complaints from residents about coal dust

© Michael Lutuginskij Find. Archival photoIn Nakhodka conduct comprehensive audits of the state of the environment after complaints from residents about coal dust© Mikhail latuhin

Relevant services of Primorye until December 1, conduct comprehensive audits of the state of the environment in the ports of Nakhodka, where local residents complained to the President on a coal dust, according to the administration of the province.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the Prosecutor General’s office and the Ministry of environment to take action to bring the work of the port of Nakhodka in compliance with environmental regulations. About the problem with the dust in the city because of the coal handling in the port of the head of state in the direct line June 15, 2017, said the boy from Nakhodka.

On Thursday in Vladivostok the Vice-Governor of Primorye Alexander Kostenko held a meeting on the fight against coal dust with the heads of Federal regulatory authorities, stevedoring companies and members of the public.

«Acting head of the Pacific Maritime authority of Rosprirodnadzor Vadim Sonin reported that by September 1, according to the agreements all stevedores had to install surveillance cameras at the points of the strongest dust emission. Today in most enterprises, camera work online… Sonin reported that the development agreements on environmental measures was attended by experts from the Ministry of environment. However, until December 1, there will be a full audit of the condition of ecology Findings and assessed the adequacy of protective measures from stevedores», — stated in the message.

Kostenko instructed the rest of stevedoring companies to install video surveillance until the end of November. He also noted that dusting is most strongly during the winter.

The head of Rospotrebnadzor in Primorsky Krai Tatyana Cetkovska reported the highest percentage of exceedances of the dust concentration in the samples was recorded on Cape Astafeva in the spring. In may of exceeding the maximum allowable concentration of harmful substances in the air are not detected.

Today the agreements on the phased transition to the 2020 technologies closed transshipment of coal have been signed with 13 stevedoring region.

The regional authorities earlier reported that stevedores are purchasing dust suppression system and reduce the volume of transshipment of coal in the winter. The presidential aide Konstantin Chuichenko in mid-February, requested the next winter to provide clean air for the residents of the Findings. The problem also is interested in Greenpeace, which has sent an appeal to the Ministry of natural resources and the state office of public Prosecutor with the request to solve the pollution problem of coal dust in Nakhodka.