In the Amur region plan to finish a fallen bridge

© MOE Opperate in potamocorbula of the bridge on railway road in the Amur regionIn the Amur region plan to finish a fallen bridge© MOE Opperate the image Bank

Experts plan on Thursday to complete the analysis of overpass that collapsed on the railroad tracks in the city Free the Amur region, informs the regional government.

«As of 9 a.m. (3.00 GMT) ends 11 Oct parsing littered with construction of car overpass 1 and 9 of the road: all the major fragments had been removed. The work was done all night – was removed 384 tons of waste material, of 480 tons weight of the two spans… Estimated time of completion of the analysis, 11 October at 12.00 (6.00 MSK)», — stated in the message.

We are currently completing the repair of the contact network on the second path. The first path is restored, it is expected to pass trains. Passenger and freight trains are ignored by the fourth and sixth way.

Tuesday’s Free struck the superstructure of the overpass over the main road from the TRANS-Siberian railway street Mikhailo-chesnokovskaya, connecting the Central part of the city Free with zaliniine part. At this time, the bridge passed the truck. His driver was hospitalized.

Amur center of civil protection and fire safety on Wednesday said that collapsed two spans of the viaduct with a length of 25 kilometers.

The overbridge (viaduct) linked the town centre with part of the Free, beyond the railway, there are about 10 thousand people and places, including the hospital.

The viaduct was built in 1982, it was decided to dismantle. In the Amur region after the state of emergency imposed the state of emergency of regional significance. The authorities has named the preliminary cause of the collapse — in their opinion, the viaduct partially collapsed due to passage of heavy trucks. The Governor of the Amur region, Vasily Orlov said that the mass of the truck exceeds 44 tonnes. SK filed a case of negligence after the collapse of the viaduct.

On Tuesday the government of the Amur region reported that the construction of the new bridge is collapsed you will need no less than two billion rubles. The movement of trains on the emergency fully restored.