In the Arsenal near Chernigov fixed single explosions

© AFP 2018 / Genya SavilovДым of the explosions at the ammunition depot in the village of Ichnya of Chernihiv region, Ukraine. October 9, 2018In the Arsenal near Chernigov fixed single explosions© AFP 2018 / Genya Savilov

Single explosions of low intensity recorded at two sites of the ammunition depot in Chernihiv region, where on Tuesday began a strong fire, now smoke significantly reduced, reported the press service of the defense Ministry of Ukraine.

«As of 10.30 (same as GMT) October 11, a fire at technical area eliminated, there are single explosions of low intensity at two sites, where there is corruption. Significantly reduced the smoke», — stated in the message with reference to the head of communications and press Alexey Chernobay, who is on the scene.

According to the Agency, on the technical territory of an Arsenal fire tanks are 9 GPM-54, three engineering machinery obstacle clearing (WRI), two fire plane an-32P from the state service for emergency situations and 9 fire engines. As of 10.30 (same as GMT) Thursday already carried out 9 discharges.

The engineers continue working on mine administrative territory of the Arsenal and settlements near the warehouse.