In the Darwin Museum of Moscow will show a stuffed extinct soon gugarci

© State Darwin musabila Razorbill. Archival photoIn the Darwin Museum of Moscow will show a stuffed extinct soon gugarci© State Darwin Museum

Muscovites will be able to see the only Russian stuffed extinct in the XIX century apterous gugarci in the Darwin Museum from October 30, reported on the official portal of the mayor and government capital.

«For the first time in five years in the Darwin Museum of Moscow and guests of the capital will feature a unique exhibit — a stuffed apterous gugarci. The last pair of these birds in the wild was destroyed by the hunters in 1844. Since then, the defenseless flightless birds the size of a small penguin nobody has seen them completely destroyed for their fur and meat,» the message reads.

According to the report, only a few museums in the world have in their collections such instances. Rarity, who exhibited in the state Darwin Museum, previously belonged to the ornithologist and collector Alexei Khomiakov. The time of manufacture of the effigy is unknown.

«Our Museum is the only in Russia where such a rare exhibit. The flightless Razorbill will be able to see everyone during the show «Back in water» dedicated to the opportunities offered for people and animals, the oceans and the dangers that it holds… the Exhibition will open on 30 October and runs until 13 January», — said the press service of the state Darwin Museum.