In the Kuzbass from the pit, lifted the body of the second victim diver

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Sharecompat in fotoreceptori ambulance. Archival photoIn the Kuzbass from the pit, lifted the body of the second victim diver© RIA Novosti / Alexei Sharecompat the image Bank

The body of a second diver, previously missing when immersed in the Kemerovo region, on Thursday found and brought to the surface, according to regional investigatory management SK the Russian Federation.

SK previously reported that the incident occurred on 6 October at an abandoned and water-filled mine with a depth of 70 meters and a size of 300 by 100 meters, which is located a few kilometers from the village of Red Leninsk-Kuznetsk area and is not equipped for diving.

As militiamen found out, three inhabitants of Novosibirsk got there to dive to a depth of 20 meters, but one of them felt the lack of oxygen and an emergency rise to the surface, the other two not emerged. Not waiting for the ascent friends, the man had requested help in finding other divers who were there in that moment. However, to find missing people they failed, the quest connected security forces.

«Today during a search and rescue operation discovered and brought to the surface the body of 49-year-old scuba diver. On a special sensor that was secured on his arm, recorded a dive to a maximum depth of 37.9 feet. On this fact continues carrying out pre-investigation check», — is spoken in the message.

The Ministry clarified that the search activities the staff of the Ministry has attracted divers from Novosibirsk, licensed to dive to a depth of 60 meters. Sunday, October 7, managed to raise the body of 65-year-old scuba diver, the second body fell into the depths. The work of the divers was complicated by the lack of visibility and turbidity of the water, but because of the great depth to establish the exact coordinates of the location of the body of the diver was not possible, notes the consequence.

«The underwater topography was examined by using a panoramic video system, which allowed to determine the exact coordinates of the location of the body of the diver. From a depth of 33.5 meters, the body of the diver was raised to the surface,» he added in a SU SK.

In performing assigned engineering study of the equipment of divers, and will be analyzed fences water. In addition, the experts will establish the cause of death of the deceased. By results of check will be a procedural decision, the Ministry assured.