In Transbaikalia continues the implementation of projects launched under the.

© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Epanchintseva in potamanthidae of Transbaikalian edge Natalya Zhdanova during the inauguration ceremonyIn Transbaikalia continues the implementation of projects launched under the.© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Epanchintseva the image Bank

The public chamber of the Zabaikalsky region will continue to implement plans and projects with the participation and during operation of the Governor Natalia zhdanovoj, told journalists the Chairman of the regional OP Vladimir Lobanov.

On Thursday it became known that Zhdanov resigned. While her duties are fulfilled by the first Deputy of the regional government Alexander Kulakov.

«With the support of the Governor of Transbaikalian edge has developed and launched several useful and effective for the companies projects… She has always supported community initiatives: the formation of municipal public chambers in the region, the beginning of the development of social control, the creation of the Assembly of peoples of Transbaikalia. The public chamber of the TRANS-Baikal territory and public organizations will continue working in this direction and will develop these programs and projects,» said Lobanov.

According to him, can be long to enumerate all that has been shared with me.

«One of the major projects is, of course, «Baikal — territory of the future», aimed at the development of all areas. It is unique in that the municipalities put forward projects for funding and implementation. It is here that we can see in action the vertical progress of the project from the bottom up, from the people to the government. For the year of program existence were built in the villages of Transbaikalia stadiums, sports halls, purchased the necessary equipment for health, education and social sphere», — he explained.

Zhdanov headed the region in February 2016, she changed the resigned Konstantin Ilkovsky. Officially, Zhdanov led the region after the elections in September 2016.