Modern Europe is in the way of the Soviet Union, said the Rabbi

© Photo : Ilya Itkin/Board of rabbis Europalia Council of European rabbis Pinchas Goldschmidt at the award CER PrizeModern Europe is in the way of the Soviet Union, said the Rabbi© Photo : Ilya Itkin/the rabbinical Council of Europe

In Europe are increasingly attacking religious minorities by limiting their rights, the same happened in the Soviet Union, said the head of the Council of European rabbis Pinchas Goldschmidt.

Rabbi Goldschmidt led the award ceremony CER Prize in the field of IT. Since 2013, the rabbinical Council of Europe gives developers CER Prize to projects that are relevant to the Jewish principle of «Tikkun Olam» — repairing the world. The contest is open to any regardless of nationality and religion.

«Iceland, a small country in the Central Atlantic, between Europe and the United States, initiated a law criminalizing circumcision. The punishment of six years in prison, is much more severe than that which was provided during the same rite in the USSR five years in prison. European postmodern society go the way of the Soviet Union?», asked Goldschmidt.

He noted that he arrived in Russia 30 years ago and «began working as a Rabbi in the Soviet Union.» Then, as he said, he was monitored «24 hours of 24».

The Rabbi recalled that modern technologies not only benefit the individual, but pose a great danger. One of the so-called «fourth industrial revolution» is, according to him, total control over the individual.

«When we reach the peak of the fourth industrial revolution, listening devices, KGB seems to us child’s play. Even the George Orwell book «1984» is a minor nightmare compared to the tactics and surveillance capabilities that will be presented to the people as a result of merging of computational technologies and biometrics,» warned the Rabbi.