Pokrovskaya fair in Tambov will be visited by representatives of 10 countries

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Justinoperable in fotobounce TambovPokrovskaya fair in Tambov will be visited by representatives of 10 countries© RIA Novosti / Alexander Justinoperable the image Bank

. In the eighth international Pokrovskaya fair in Tambov region from 12 to 14 October, will be attended by delegations from 10 countries, reported RIA Novosti the head of the region Alexander Nikitin in the Russian agro-industrial exhibition «Golden autumn — 2018».

«This year at the Pokrovskaya fair in Tambov there will arrive 44 participants from different regions of Russia, last year was just over 30. The fair will be attended by 10 international delegations from Belarus, France, Italy, India, Turkey. That is not only delegations from countries of the former Soviet Union, and representatives of the countries of Europe. Fair makes a tremendous contribution to the economy of the region», — said Nikitin.

According to him, the Pokrovskaya fair was also one of the most exciting tourist events.

«Agriculture is the dominant feature of our economy. In addition to economic benefits, the fair has a social effect. We are in the top thirty regions leading event tourism. During Pokrovskaya fair in Tambov walks three days on it are the creative teams from different cities and districts of the region. The whole area moved to the capital of the region. Every year we never cease to be amazed that the number of participants is increasing», — said the head of the region.

Nikitin added that today in the Tambov region is implementing a number of investment projects in agriculture totaling more than 100 billion rubles. On agriculture accounts for 30% of GRP, about 40% of the region’s residents live in rural areas. For the first eight months of the current year the volume of investments in the agro-industrial complex of the Tambov region was not less than 30 billion rubles.