The military began clearing two tracks in the Amur region, where the bridge collapsed

© Photo : emergencies Ministry of Russia of Emergency recovery work at the site of collapsed bridge in city Free the Amur regionThe military began clearing two tracks in the Amur region, where the bridge collapsed© Photo : emergencies Ministry of Russia

Soldiers of the Eastern military district began clearing two ways of Transsib on the site of the collapse of the bridge in the city Free the Amur region, the press service of BBO.

«The soldiers train connection TSB began clearing the seventh and ninth paths, Railways… carried out using two heavy bulldozers, standing on the arms of the connection. In just two days of work cleared and removed about 600 tons of collapsed buildings, road bridge», — stated in the message.

During the night the soldiers cleared the second, third and fifth rail journey. Now, the CHP has about 50 soldiers and six units of heavy special machinery.

Tuesday’s Free struck the superstructure of the overpass over the main road from the TRANS-Siberian railway street Mikhailo-chesnokovskaya, connecting the Central part of the city Free with zaliniine part. At this time, the bridge passed the truck. His driver was hospitalized.

The viaduct was built in 1982, it was decided to dismantle. In the Amur region after the state of emergency imposed the state of emergency of regional significance. The authorities called the preliminary cause of the collapse, the passage of heavy trucks. SK filed a case of negligence. The movement of trains on the emergency fully restored.