Colombia gave asylum to Venezuelan opposition leader

© Flickr / Tijs ZwinkelsКолумбия. Archival photoColombia gave asylum to Venezuelan opposition leader© Flickr / Tijs Zwinkels

The Colombian foreign Ministry on Thursday said the status of political refugee to a prominent Venezuelan opposition leader Julio Borges, hiding in the country for months.

«After examining the submitted documents, I found reasonable concern and fear of prosecution on the part of the petitioner (Borges). Today (Thursday) signed a decision that provides, Julio Borges refugee status in Colombia», — reads the statement of the foreign Minister of Colombia Carlos Olmes Trujillo.

Borges hiding in Colombia since the assassination attempt on President Nicolas Maduro on August 4, when during a military parade in Caracas to the podium, where he was at, went a few drones with explosives. Maduro himself was not injured and accused in the assassination of the opposition, including Borges, former President of Colombia Juan Manuel Santos and the United States.