In Kazan, arrested the alleged leader of the Russian cell «Hizb ut-Tahrir»*

© TSOs FSB to Opperate in photobacteria the leader of the Russian wing of the terrorist organization Hizb ut-Tahrir (banned in Russia)In Kazan, arrested the alleged leader of the Russian cell «Hizb ut-Tahrir»*© TSOs FSB to Opperate the image Bank

Vakhitovsky district court in Kazan arrested until November 21, the alleged ringleader of the Russian cell of the banned terrorist organization «Hizb ut-Tahrir al-Islami»* Edward Nizamova, told RIA Novosti the representative of the court.

Yesterday the center of public relations of FSB has informed that in the framework of a joint special operation with the interior Ministry and Asgardia in Tatarstan detained the leader of the Russian wing and the leaders of the regional structures of the international terrorist organization.

According to the FSB, «on the orders of their foreign curators of the detainees coordinated anti-constitutional activities, based on the doctrine of the creation of a theocratic unitary state — the so-called «world Caliphate» and aimed at the overthrow of the legitimate government, including terrorist methods.»

It was noted that the detainees worked to create in Russia a network of the closed structure. In addition, contributed to the replenishment of terrorist groups operating in the Middle East.

The house the suspects were found and seized promotional materials, documents with instructions of the emissaries, as well as reports on the work done. Also seized communications equipment and electronic media that the detainees used for terrorist activities.

*A terrorist organization banned in Russia

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