In Thailand, during a RAID arrested more than 500 foreigners, the media are writing

© AP Photo / Apichart WeerawongПолиция Thailand. Archival photoIn Thailand, during a RAID arrested more than 500 foreigners, the media are writing© AP Photo / Apichart Weerawong

More than 500 foreigners committed visa and other offences, were detained in the course of the next phase of the operation «x-ray» by which the Thai police clears the country from foreigners who have violated Thai laws, said on Friday the online version of the newspaper «Khao SOT».

In the night of Friday, 528 people, mostly citizens of India and Pakistan, as well as citizens of New Guinea and Mali, were detained in 307 points in Bangkok and in several provinces of Thailand, the newspaper said, citing the command of the immigration police of Thailand. 114 people arrested for being in Thailand over visa or visa waiver, 172 detained on charges of illegal entry into Thailand and the rest and charged with other minor offenses, the newspaper reports. The detainees will be deported from Thailand and is brought in «black lists», which means a ban on entry to Thailand for a period of one year to ten years or more, depending on the severity of the offence.

The operation «x-ray», consisting in the carrying out sudden raids in places of a congestion of foreigners on the territory of Thailand, is held under the slogan «Good foreigners in the country, bad foreigners – out» for over a year. During this time, detained and deported with his inclusion in «black lists» 2801 people, the newspaper reports.

Until now, the maximum number of foreign offenders who were detained during one of the raids did not exceed 300 people.