Installation in buses of the black boxes will make them safer, said the expert

© RIA Novosti / Maria to Plotnikova in totalantivirus. Archival photoInstallation in buses of the black boxes will make them safer, said the expert© RIA Novosti / Maria to Plotnikova the image Bank

Buses in Russia must be equipped with black boxes by analogy with the aircraft — this will help to reduce the number of accidents, according to the Chairman of the expert Council on safety and the relationship between citizens and law enforcement agencies Anton Tsvetkov.

Flowers explained that the idea for the black boxes will automatically record the bus information from the frontal camera in the driver’s cab, as well as speed, mode of work and rest of drivers, contain information on medical and technical control, location and compliance with the rules of the road.

«This will help to control and discipline the driver: to follow, did it over the phone, to observe whether the speed limit if there is enough resting where stopped», – said the Agency interlocutor.

Information from these devices, says Flowers, could be broadcast in the form of an interactive map in the traffic police and the Federal Agency for transport supervision.

«Domestic manufacturers are ready to offer technical and software solution for such control. In the near future this device will be presented to the public,» he added.

The interlocutor noted the importance of this measure in the Wake of two horrible tragedies with dozens of victims in the Tver region and the Chuvash Republic, which occurred within a few days. «They be obliged immediately to announce our initiative as public demand», – said Tsvetkov.

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