Park «Russia – My story» will open in Rostov-on-don 14 October

© RIA Novosti / Ilya Petalive in Rostov-on-don. Archival photoPark «Russia – My story» will open in Rostov-on-don 14 October© RIA Novosti / Ilya Pitalev

The opening of the interactive historical Park «Russia – My story» will be held in Rostov-on-don, October 14, reports the government of the Rostov region.

Rostov will go down in twenty cities of Russia, organized such a historical Park. At its creation in the region were allocated money from regional and municipal budgets — more than 750 million rubles. Technological equipment acquired from extrabudgetary sources.

According to the Director of the regional Museum of local lore Galina Kulikova, «Russia — My story» — the first Russian project, which is a system of multimedia historical parks, in which panoramically presents the whole history of the country from ancient times to the present. In Rostov-on-don in the framework of the project on the street of the 1st Cavalry army had built a separate building equipped with the latest technology.

«The uniqueness of the historic Park that history is given here with the help of modern technologies of the exhibition include 900 units of multimedia technology, 11 cinemas, 20 interactive 3-D media with the reconstruction of historical events, multimedia card, 20-meter dome with video projection, interactive panoramas and scenery, 270 meters of «live tape» stories» — are the words of Kulikova.

Hallmarks of the project are numerous interactive solutions: from the fascinating historical games, touch screens, powerful projectors to three-dimensional modeling and digital reconstructions.

«The story from the first minute comes to life and captures the visitor. The exhibition looks at one breath, however, after viewing it there is an overwhelming desire to return to her, paying attention to numerous details, quotations, facts and common sense picture of the inseparable history of the Russian state», — said the Deputy Executive Director of Fund of assistance to socio-cultural development «Gorod» Sergei Gordienko.