Russian and Norwegian environmentalists will discuss the problem of marine debris

© RIA Novosti / Vitaly Ancovas discovered in the sea. Archival photoRussian and Norwegian environmentalists will discuss the problem of marine debris© RIA Novosti / Vitaly ANEC

Environmentalists from Russia and Norway in November in Moscow to discuss the problem of marine debris and micro-plastic, according to the Ministry of natural resources.

The Minister of natural resources of Russia Dmitry Kobylkin spoke with the Minister of protection of climate and environment of Norway, Ulam Livestream on the sidelines of the meeting of Ministers on the protection of the Arctic environment, which takes place in Finland.

«In addition to discussing joint plans, raised new topics, one of which is the issue of management of marine debris and microplastics. The thematic event will be held in November this year in Moscow. Both Russia and Norway will present their vision of the problem», – stated in the message following the meeting.

«The Arctic remains one of the strategic areas of cooperation where Russia and Norway share a common interest, including issues of climate protection. Recognize the need for a joint study of this problem,» said Kobylkin. At the end of the meeting it was announced that in late October in Oslo will host the next meeting of the intergovernmental Russian-Norwegian Commission on economic, industrial and scientific-technical cooperation, said the office.

Kobylkin told Elveston a national project «Ecology», stressed the direction of eliminating waste, including remediation of landfills using best available technologies. «We have successful experience in implementing projects in this area with Finland, Sweden, Germany. I know that in Norway there are effective examples,» said Kobylkin.

As recalled by the Ministry of environment in August, the Russian government has appointed Kobylkin, the Chairman of the Russian part mixed Russian-Norwegian Commission on cooperation in the field of environmental protection. «The upcoming meeting of the Russian-Norwegian Commission will be held in February 2019. But today the joint working group in the field of marine environment, biodiversity, the elimination of pollution, including radioactive, cross-border cooperation proposals for the development of the program of cooperation in 2019-2021 years», – said the Agency.Russian and Norwegian environmentalists will discuss the problem of marine debris© Infographicsrussia threat