The authorities of Yakutia is ready to take drastic measures against his airline

© RIA Novosti / SK to Rosieresite in fotosensibile Sukhoi Superjet 100 of Yakutia airlines in the airport of Yakutsk, which during landing skidded off the runway. 10 Oct 2018The authorities of Yakutia is ready to take drastic measures against his airline© RIA Novosti / SK to Rosieresite the image Bank

The authorities of Yakutia after revealed violations of the national airline ready to make tough personnel measures, told RIA Novosti the head of the Aysen Nikolaev.

On Tuesday, the liner of airline «Yakutia» skidded off the runway at Yakutsk airport, he broke the landing gear. On Board were 87 passengers and five crew members. According to the MOE, the medical institutions to survey was sent to four people. Rosaviatsia reported that the ship operated with the pending fault was deactivated thrust reverser of one engine. The Federal air transport Agency in the course of inspections «Yakutia» in 2018, revealed a number of violations and may limit its air operator certificate.

«Honestly I want to say that the question of the limitation of the certificate of airline «Yakutia» was raised by the Federal air transport Agency and without the last case. Informed by the company have been admitted, as found by inspection of the Supervisory authorities, the cases of unreliable financial reporting and issues related to security that are categorically not welcome us,» said Nikolaev.

«This is a flagrant violation, which jeopardizes the life and health of passengers, so action will be taken, and measures hard. We have the opportunity to influence the personnel policy of the company, and personnel decisions are adopted, he said.

The head of the region noted that these measures would be taken even without the latest incident. According to him, the Commission will have to understand the causes of the incident: whether to blame the pilots, or the cause of the accident was the bad weather at the airport of Yakutsk.

«In any case, the airline Yakutia belongs to us 100% and we will take all measures in order, following appropriate anti-crisis measures, the company fully able to work», — said Nikolaev.