A new fish market Tokyo: no smell, sound and taste

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Nakupovat from the restaurant at the new fish market in TokyoA new fish market Tokyo: no smell, sound and taste© RIA Novosti / Xenia Naka

The first thing that greets the new wholesale fish market in Toyosu, Tokyo is the smell. No, not the deafening smell of the sea, which rushed through the corridors and streets of the old Tsukiji fish market, the former city landmark for 80 years. In Toyosu on the threshold meets the smell of sterility. At first it even seems somewhat similar to hospital. But it’s just the smell of a new building, decorated inside with plastic and glass.


Perhaps, that should be the largest in the world (as it undoubtedly will be, like its predecessor, closed last week Tsukiji fish market) wholesale market in the best country in the XXI century. Huge, bright, with clearly delineated zones, evicted on glass gallery by tourists, who now will never again interfere with the merchants their annoying cameras. Here not hear neither the screams nor the smells from below. Spacious gallery, which you can see the famous tuna auction. However, through the glass. However, with a height of several meters. But no restrictions come and see. In the old market due to the influx of visitors and their «obscene» by Japanese standards of behaviour the fish! tuna! and today someone would have to touch!! – had to introduce limits on the number of visitors and the season.

Endless gallery stretches, only occasionally refreshing the dull glass and plastic landscape photos with the history of fish markets of Tokyo or this truck, but now domesticated, which can be photographed (in the old market, they famously raced for some of them one slave trajectories, a miracle is not spooling on the wheels of unwary tourists). Hoax or a huge tuna. It is understandable – now close the hefty carcass of a tuna not see: down where there are trades or just trade all and any creatures of the sea, now a mere mortal became a thing impossible.

«Tell me, when you can buy fish here?» — a naive question an employee of the market responds politely, wearily and sophisticated way. And very succinctly. – «Never. For this you need to become a wholesale buyer.»»We’re closed, come next time. Today is the first day — with all this confusion,» says the lady of the shop on production of dried Katsuo, woman, you can give 60 or 90. «What does this have to five? No, did you hear that? – shouting it into the shop, knowing that on the website the opening hours of the market are specified from 10 am to 5 PM. – «We work, as always. From early morning until noon, it always has been. We have, in Tsukiji,» suddenly straightening her back and with an unexpected pride finishes it.

The Toyosu market officially opened for wholesalers 11 Oct. On Saturday, he was available to visitors and tourists. From the beginning, they will be able to the gallery to watch the famous tuna auctions.

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Nakamurai tuna at the new fish market in TokyoA new fish market Tokyo: no smell, sound and taste© RIA Novosti / Alexander Nakamurai tuna at the new fish market in Tokyo