In India, a landslide killed at least 12 people, media reported

© REUTERS / Stringer the consequences of the landslide. Archival photoIn India, a landslide killed at least 12 people, media reported© REUTERS / Stringer

At least 12 people, including three children, were killed in the district of Gajapati in the Indian state of odisha due to a landslide caused by cyclone «Titley», and four resident unaccounted for, according to the newspaper Hindustan Times, citing local authorities.

The newspaper reports that the 22 residents of the village Maraghar took refuge from a passing cyclone in the cave near the village after a hurricane blew off the roofs of their huts. Because of the rain, the hillside collapsed and 16 people were swept away by the landslide. Six survivors informed the district administration about the tragedy. Local authorities said they found 12 bodies, while another four people were missing.

According to the publication, including the case of floods caused by the cyclone «Titley», has claimed the lives of 21 people in Orissa. Earlier it was reported that eight people were killed in other States.

«The villagers complained that neither the district collector nor the officers of the local police Department has not responded to their calls SOS,» — said the Chairman of the local administration in the city of Rayagada of Orissa. Residents stated that they would not cremate the body until, until administration of the district will not pay them adequate compensation.

Commissioner for relief of Bishnupada Sethi said that the district administration was focused on helping the coastal areas that suffered the most. «This particular village is situated far from the coast and was not in the 20-kilometer zone of direct influence of the cyclone,» said Sethi.

The meteorological Department of India also reported that about 300 thousand people evacuated from five coastal districts of the Eastern Indian state of Orissa in anticipation of the approaching of a powerful cyclone «Titley». In the coastal areas of Orissa are closed most state institutions. Public transport is not running, the movement in many parts of the state are hampered due to strong winds felled trees and power lines. Fishermen advised not to go to sea.