In Tambov opened Museum of St. Luke

© Photo : public domainАрхиепископ Luka (born Valentin Felixovich Voyno-Yasenetsky). Archive photoIn Tambov opened Museum of St. Luke© Photo : public domain

The opening of the Historical Museum of St. Luke and the presentation of a new exposition, dedicated to the VIII international Pokrovskaya fair, took place on Saturday in Tambov, told RIA Novosti the representative of the press service of the regional administration.

Archbishop Luka is known that in a difficult post-revolutionary and war years, despite the repression, combined Church service, sermons, and active work as a surgeon. He had to do heavy, unique operations, which his colleagues often did not dare. During the great Patriotic war «surgeon in a cassock» was ruled by the local diocese and supervised 150 military hospitals.

«National Museum-the cell has created in the house on Komsomolskaya street, 9, where in the forties of the last century, lived this extraordinary man. For the first time about keeping the house members of the public spoke in 2015.

Then the memorial house was recognized as the object of historical-cultural heritage of regional significance and included in the Unified state register of objects of cultural heritage of the Russian Federation. Later was organized the collection of donations. In addition, many residents of Tambov donated to the future Museum unique items, documents, photos related to the name of St. Luke,» said the spokesman.

The regional administration supported the idea of creating a Museum. Funds were allocated for the purchase and restoration of the memorial house purchase items. In 2017, Museum historical memorial project «Take my love» received a presidential grant in the amount of 2.4 million rubles. These funds to the Museum has acquired a modern, interactive equipment that will allow you to conduct tours in a multimedia format, including, for people with disabilities – visually impaired and hard of hearing. In addition, an electronic map-guide «Archbishop Luke: memorials in Tambov». It gives you the opportunity to take a virtual tour of the Tambov 1940-ies, to see him as saw him by St. Luke, to get acquainted with the memorable places connected with the Tambov period of his Ministry.

«This is a welcome, indeed a historic event which we are. Among the names who shone forth in the Tambov land, the name of Archbishop Luke occupies a special place. His contribution to the history of the immeasurable and inexhaustible. 30 churches were opened because of his work in that difficult time, in the Tambov region. Thousands of lives saved. This name is illuminated by the special light of humanity, of purity, of kindness. He came into this world to make our lives cleaner, better and kinder. We will always remember this great man and to follow his example», — quotes the press service quoted the head of administration of Tambov allaste Alexander Nikitin.

The press service added that the new Museum will be included in the routes of informative, historical and Patriotic, religious tourism.