«Like a hand up?» Mother of five refused the status of many children due to premature birth

© Photo courtesy of Olga Rozenko Olga Rozenko with children«Like a hand up?» Mother of five refused the status of many children due to premature birth© photo courtesy of Olga Rozenko

Sakhalin officials do not recognize a mother of three girls and two boys. Because of this, Olga Rozenko denied the improvement of living conditions. The problem is that one of her daughters was born on the territory of Belarus. And although the girl has Russian citizenship, according to local Sakhalin oblast law of large families are only those families in which every child born in Russia.

Six of the apartment

My entire adult life, Olga lived on Sakhalin. Her parents moved to the far East from Kazakhstan when she was a year old. Fifteen years for his health, before the decree worked in the perinatal center nurse. Wanted a big and strong family.

First, in 2006, came to light Vadim, followed by Anna and Ivan are the same age. In 2012 Julia was born. It so happened that it happened early and in the territory of another state.

«Then I went on vacation to relatives in Belarus, was seven months pregnant. Thought staying for a couple of weeks and will return to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk to give birth. But Julia decided to go light ahead of time, — says Olga. — She was born premature, had to dokazivati in the hospital. When I was given Belarusian birth certificate, to find out anything there was neither the time nor the energy. But as soon as Julia became a little stronger, we went to the Embassy, confirmed Russian citizenship. Then flew home.»

In 2017 Sakhalin approved a program in which large families with four and more children give money to buy housing. Olga, this subsidy would be very useful, because its a roof over your head they have. Her wooden house burned down. The family was given shelter and saw the host family. The problem is that this one-bedroom apartment with an area of just 33 square meters.

«But we adapted: kitchen made in the corridor, the freed is equipped bedroom. A big room divided into two parts. From one half did little nursery set bunk beds, desks. Another was given to «the hall» — describes the situation Olga.

However, four months ago, the family welcomed another girl — Faith. Olga went back to social security to finally make the put benefit. But this time she refused. The fact that the decree of the regional government No. 543 said: «large families are defined as families residing on the territory of the Sakhalin region, raising four or more children, including adopted children, EACH born on the territory of the Russian Federation and resides in the family.»

«To the word «every» they found fault. Verbally I was told that if I had eight children if at least one of them was born not in Russia, under a subsidy, I do not fall», — is Olga.

«I can pay only 50 percent»

This injustice she put up could not. Asked the Prosecutor, to the deputies, wrote to the Governor. But all to no avail.

«From everywhere we receive the failures, all as a blueprint to write that children must be born in Russia. Although a linguist, to whom we turned, studied the decision and came to the conclusion that according to the formulation for subsidies enough to have four children, each born in our country. That is the word «everyone» refers to all children, but only four».

«According to paragraph 3 of paragraph 1 of article 4 of this law, you are entitled to receive social security payments equal to 50 percent of the cost of the acquired dwelling or the cost of its construction, but not more than 2 000 000 rubles.»

However, even half the amount to buy an apartment from a large mother no. Their right to the subsidy it decided to defend through court. The hearing is scheduled for October 30.

«As the hand was raised to send such responses»

The situation of Olga drew the attention of the writer, the Deputy of the state Duma Sergei Shargunov.

«This is a blatantly ugly history — he shared his opinion in conversation with RIA Novosti. — How can you not consider the woman who gave birth to five children, mother of many children? I do not understand how the officials have turned a hand to send her those answers. And just because one of the babies she gave birth to not in Russia. I often say that you must obey the law. But some unscrupulous officials are covered by the law to interpret it as they please. In this case, apparently, the adjustment of the wording of the document, you need to take away from it is unfortunate the word «everyone».

© Photo courtesy of Olga Rosenson answer from the Ministry of social protection of the Sakhalin region«Like a hand up?» Mother of five refused the status of many children due to premature birth© photo courtesy of Olga Rosenson answer from the Ministry of social protection of Sakhalin region

Sergei Shargunov noted that similar complaints come to him from other regions: «From what, to call not ready. I need to see all the failures, all the documents. Unfounded I can not say anything».

The MP believes that in such an important topic, as large families required the unification of the law. «There can be nuances. Large families — those who have four or more children. Point.»

With a call to clarify the wording of the resolution and to resolve this injustice Shargunov appealed to the acting head of the Sakhalin oblast Faith scherbininoy. «I hope the reaction will be immediate», he concluded.